Outdoor Angler 101-Piece Fishing Tackle Kit

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Outdoor Angler 101-Piece Fishing Tackle Kit
MSRP : $10

Sale : $7.14
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This comprehensive Outdoor Angler 101-Piece Fishing Tackle Kit includes everything you need for your next fishing trip. It includes bobbers, jig heads, fishing line, a variety of hooks with a box, sinkers and split shots. The fishing lure kit also comes with different types of tails and shad, mini tubes, swivels with snap, a clipper, a license holder, a poly stringer, nylon string, a spoon and fish scales with a disgorger. The one piece box is made from a durable plastic material and features two trays so you can neatly organize everything.
The Outdoor Angler 101-Piece Fishing Tackle Kit includes:
Bobbers, jig heads, fishing line, assorted sizes and shape of hooks with box, sinkers and split shots, different sizes and color of curly tails and shad, mini tubes, swivels with snap, clipper, license holder, poly stringer, nylon string, spoon, fish scales with disgorger and measuring ruler, and 2 organization trays for your extra tackles to store in one plastic tackle box.
Everything you need to go fishing!


Good value, bad plastic inserts, cheap

The inserts are super cheap, flimsy, thin plastic, not like hard plastic trays. There are no instructions included, such as telling how to use anything, how to put together the fingernail clippers (yes fingernail clippers) or how to use the scale. The price is cheap, but this is not a very good tackle box. If you go in knowing that you are getting a few pieces of equipment (bobbers, some hooks, some small plastic worms, some weights, etc.) and think of this as a single compartment tackle box, then you have an accurate idea of what you will get, because the plastic inserts are garbage. With that said, for $7, I would recommend if you wanted to buy a bunch of these or were giving to kids. For a grown man, look elsewhere.


Fun time 'acoming.

I bought six of these tackle boxes as a surprise for my grandkids and as a gift for the neighbors' children. It has everything (except the pole of course) for a nice day on the stock tank fishing for perch. I would have liked to see the interior compartments a little sturdier, but for $10, it was a great buy. The kids were so excited when they saw that they had their "very own" tackle box, just like dad's. They even have their name on it, thanks to Nana's permanent marker.


Tackle Box

It has really everything that is needed only would need to get a few more items and I would be all set to go fishing.


Awesome value!!

This little kit is an awesome value and just right for our trailer. A very nice kit for anyone just starting out or even a veteran that needs a compact fishing box. Holds plenty of other stuff down below.


All in one

Nice box, great extras, and a terrific price. Couldn't ask for more.