Super Slim Body Fat/Hydration Monitor Scale

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Super Slim Body Fat/Hydration Monitor Scale
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This Super Slim Body Fat/Hydration Monitor Scale will help you stay on top of your diet/exercise regime.
Super Slim Body Fat/Hydration Monitor Scale:LCD size: 74mm x 35.6mmBody fat scale with 6mm glass platformMaximum weight: 150 kg/330 lbDivision: 100g/0.2 lbPower: one 3V lithium cell (CR2032)


Great Scales

We purchased this item online and picked up at the local store. Batteries were included and the product was packaged well. A quick glance at the instructions and We setup the scales for two profiles. Two weeks into owning and using the scales and we are happy. There are two modes that we've identified: 1) an instant on that shows your weight when you step onto the scale and 2) choose your profile then step onto the device and it shows weight and performs the other measurements. If this has a memory that allows tracking of previous measurements, I've not found it. It would be nice to be able to compare current and previous measurements. Overall, it's worth the money and I would purchase again.


Believe it or not!

I had seen one review about the weight being different each time they got on the scale but went with the other positive reviews instead and bought the scale. In weighing myself I did see that my weight fluctuated between three different numbers. Yes, it was only during the times where the weight was to be reflected.......not the other options. Three different numbers is not good enough for me. I'm having a hard time getting past (lower) a certain number on the scale so what it says reflects what the results are of what I'm eating and my exercise being put forth. Frustrated, I returned to Walmart who is so wonderful to deal with. If you're not happy .... just return it. Its always a win-win with Walmart. Other than the weight issue it is very pretty.


Love it for 2 years now

I have had it for 2 years now and I still like it a lot. I can't believe I bought it for $8. I had to change its battery the other week, so it lasted me that long on the original one. Easy to use, nice design. If you want an accurate and consistent measurement you have to ensure that the scale is on a flat floor and not wobbly. I had to move it around a bit, before I found the sweet spot. I recommend it.


It works

It works. Because it measures body fat, it motivates you.


fat muscle hydration bone calorie weight works

got it for $8.. not much to complain for a nice looking scale that can measure all fat muscle hydration bone calorie weight .... check out the video below use your phone to log your progress