Glass Electronic Personal Scale with 6mm Glass Platform

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Glass Electronic Personal Scale with 6mm Glass Platform
MSRP : $12.98

Sale : $8.11
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This Glass Electronic Personal Scale with 6mm Glass Platform will help you stay on top of your diet/exercise regime.

Glass Electronic Personal Scale with 6mm Glass Platform:
  • Glass weight scale LCD size: 74mm x 40mm
  • Max weight: 150 kg/330 lb
  • Division: 100g/0.2 lb
  • Power: 3V lithium cell (CR2032)
  • Glass electronic scale with non-slip base and feet



Easy pickup. Friendly service. And the scale was perfect. Easy to use. Didn't have to purchase batteries. Love it.


Great Buy!

This scale is really awesome for the price! Very easy to use, and measurements are accurate! The only thing is the glass is a bit thin, but it seems sturdy enough. Great buy!



My daughter stepped on the scale and it scattered like a car windshield. She wasn't wearing shoes and could have been badly cut. The weight limit on this scale is 330LBS. She was about 100lbs less than that. DO NOT BUT THIS SCALE!!


Great buy!!

I have no idea what the first reviewer was complaining about. No scale weighs exactly the same thing every time. I feel certain the readings were not off by more than a few ounces or a pound at the most. If you are tracking your weight over the long term, this variation is of absolutely no consequence. The scale is stylish, thin, AND accurate to within a few ounces. It is a steal! In fact, it is such a great deal I just bought a second one (Walmart reduced the price even further...from $8.00 to under $7.00. I figured I would buy one to have on reserve or as a gift at this price. I love it!


fine economy scale

CR2032 battery included. No display backlight. Might matter if you have a dark room. Limited to 300lb capacity. Got a 250lb or heavier user? Look for one that is capable of 400lbs. Most consistent for weights between 100 and 200 pounds. Get below 50 or above 250lbs and it might vary a couple of pounds. This type of scale is not legal for trade. It is intended to tell you if you are gaining or loosing weight. I look for how repeatable the measured weight is for the same person stepping on the scale 3 times in a row. If it weighs the same person as the same then they should have confidence in it reporting weight gain or loss. I'd guess absolute accuracy is +/- 3%. Haven't been able to check ours against a NIST calibrated system.