Mechanical Personal Scale

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Mechanical Personal Scale
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This Mechanical Personal Scale will help you stay on top of your diet/exercise regime.

Mechanical Personal Scale:
  • Mechanical bathroom scale
  • Capacity: 130 kg/300 lb
  • Division: 1g/2 lb
  • PVC foot mat with stripes
  • Large analog display


Works for the price

So we have a nice glass digital scale, but when moving it got misplaced so I needed a scale to help hold over until we find it. This one was cheaper and doesn't require batteries. I saw someone said it doesn't give the same weight twice. That's false. I've stepped on it 4 times today to check and it's given me the same each time, my kids have stepped on it a few times today to test the theory and it gives the same weight each time for them. My only irritation with it is the calibration dial is easily accessible when it's sitting on the floor so when my kids noticed it they started messing with it so I can to fix it and move it from where we wanted it sitting, coulda been nice if it was located more on the bottom or blended in better with the scale. But that's just a minor thing. Otherwise if you just want something cheap that works, this is the one


Old school

I got this because it was the cheapest. It was cheap because it has a mechanical dial instead of it being digital. It still works just as good as the digital ones. Also you don't have to worry about batteries, since this is mechanical.


It's a scale!

This is a nice little mechanical scale. It's plain, unassuming, small, and easy to calibrate with a calibration wheel located at the bottom. Nothing fancy about this but it works well.


Love it. Very small but big enough to handle job.

Everything was good.


Good Scale!

I would buy again! The price is excellent!