Mechanical Personal Scale

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Mechanical Personal Scale
MSRP : $11.97

Sale : $9.98
Sold & shipped by Walmart
This Mechanical Personal Scale will help you stay on top of your diet/exercise regime.

Mechanical Personal Scale:
  • Mechanical bathroom scale
  • Capacity: 130 kg/300 lb
  • Division: 1g/2 lb
  • PVC foot mat with stripes
  • Large analog display


Not showing accurate weight....

When I got it home I weighed myself and it said I weigh 80 pounds. I got it because I have not been able to eat for 3 months, except liquids and soups (esophagus problems). I weighed myself today and now it says I weigh 70 pounds. I know I have lost weight but not over 120 pounds and def. not 10 pounds in 5 days. I got it because it was old fashion and not digital. Very disappointed in it. Is it showing kg? or lbs.?


It's Cheap

Got it for $3.95. It's max weight is 300 pounds. It's good for like a ballpark of your weight because the intervals are like 10 pounds and it counts every 20 pounds.


Awesome price awesome scale

I was expecting this scale to be not that great because it was so cheep. I was pleasantly surprised. The scale is awesome and does its job and for $3 you can't loose


not accurate

i went and picked this up at walmart the other day, then i stopped by my friends house on the way home, he has a real doctors scale, we compared the 2 scales and this one consistently shows 10 pounds heavier than the doctors scale, but for $3 i will keep it and just remember to subtract 10 pounds for my actual weight.


Can't beat it!

Old school, no batteries and cheap. Simple and to the point! Can't beat this for the price. Can adjust the scale too to correct if it starts to get off.