Link Depot LD-HS-6 6 ft. Black & Red Ultra High Speed HDMI cable

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Link Depot LD-HS-6 6 ft. Black & Red Ultra High Speed HDMI cable
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The Link Depot HDMI Cable 6' with Ethernet offers a fast and dependable way to link HDMI-compatible components, such as HDTVs and Blu-ray disc players. This gold-plated HDMI cable supports uncompressed audio/video signals and standard, enhanced or high-definition videos. The high-speed HDMI cable can be used for excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance for longer life. Gold plating shields the Link Depot HDMI Cable 6' for protection against RFI and EMI interference.

Color Black & Red;Length 6 ft;Connector Number 2



works very well on my tv that i bought from walmart able to view movies on netflix on my tv with this cable.


Great Product!!!

I bought these HDMI Cables for a few recent toys I bought myself. (ie. HD 1080p TV, HD Cable Box, Blu Ray Player, X-Box 360S, and an HD Home Theater Surround Sound System) I thought they were a great price but wasn't sure about the quality because the price was so good. I shouldn't of worried. Theses are great cables at a great price. After I bought the first one to check the quality, I re-ordered a complete set for myself and am very pleased. You can spend a fortune on one cable let alone multiple, made by big name brands, but why..... I owned a M NSTER brand cable, that cost about 8-10 times as much (And I love their products) but can't tell the difference in performance one bit. With the money I've saved by buying Link Depot Cables from I have quit a bit more money to put somewhere else. Great Product And a Great Price. Thnx and Link Depot.


Link Depot HDMI Cable

What can I say other than it does the job! After reading online comments that the ONLY difference between many HDMI cables is the "markup", I decided to take a chance on this inexpensive cable. I got the gold plated model because the plating does improve signal strength. I hooked it up and the picture quality seemed to be better than my factory hdmi cable. I am now a convinced that you do NOT need to spend $30, $40, $50 or more to get a good HDMI cable.


Good Product - Very Good Price

I don't know that I can add anything that has not already been said. I didn't need the cable right away so I had time to order it on line. Walmart had the best price and the site to store is convenient. Plus the Walmart return policy it the best in the industry. Oh yes, the cable worked great. Excellent picture and sound. I can not understand why a similar product sells for three times the price in the store or why anyone would pay that price.


Connect TV to a laptop

15' is more than enough for me to connect my laptop to my TV, while I sit comfortably in my couch and use laptop keyboard and mouse to do whatever I can with a computer and see it in life size 1080p. For the versatile 15' length and great quality, the gold plated HDMI cable almost cost nothing!