Quiet Comfort Waterproof Mattress Pad

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Quiet Comfort Waterproof Mattress Pad
MSRP : $11.88

Sale : $10.15
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Designed for a better night's sleep, this soft mattress pad combines a comfortable quilted top with a durable underside of polyurethane for a protective waterproof bed setup. Incorporating smooth 200 thread count cotton surfacing over hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill quilting, the cozy foam mattress pad maintains breathability while improving overall comfort in any season. The durable polyurethane layer is soundless when moved on, so it protects the mattress pad without noise. The pad's flexible knit sides hug mattresses up to 22 inches deep to keep it snug, smooth, and centered. Available in twin, extra-long twin, full, queen, king, and California king, this waterproof mattress pad can be machine washed and tumbled dry for easy maintenance.

Quiet Comfort Waterproof Mattress Pad:
  • Comfortably soft 200 thread count
  • Enables a better night's sleep
  • 100% cotton mattress pad with hypo-allergenic polyester filling for all-season comfort
  • Superior breathability and protection
  • Durable polyurethane layer is soundless when moved on
  • Polylaminate layer protects against water and moisture
  • Machine wash, tumble dry for easy care
  • Waterproof mattress pad is guaranteed to fit all mattresses
  • Available in twin, extra-long twin, full, queen, king, and California king


This product is not waterproof

We purchased this product because we have a five year old who sometimes has "accidents" and we were buying him a new memory foam mattress. The product fit great and was comfortable. However, our son had peed in the bed and when we took the sheet and mattress pad off to wash them, the urine had already leaked through to the brand new mattress and stained it. After washing the product, it also no longer fits the mattress properly leaving spaces on each side that are not properly covered by the mattress pad. I would not recommend this product as it failed to protect the brand new mattress that I bought it to protect.



I bought 2 different waterproof mattress pads, this is the one I am RETURNING. Please check out the photo between these 2 pads. This pad feels rough and rather thin compared to the more expensive one.


Overall good for the price

The reason I got this mattress cover (twin size) is because my 2 yr old son sometimes has diaper leaks at night. I had bought him a new mattress and I didn't want stains all over it. Since I've had the cover (approx. 3 days) my son hasn't had a diaper leak so I cannot really say how good it holds up. But just from physically seeing other products from walmart and target stores, I would say this is the best cover for the price (I paid approx. $17). I thought the fabric would be hard like the ones I got to touch at the store but it wasn't. I am not saying it's as soft as a cotton ball either but it's pretty soft for $17. The cover does not make extra noise, when my son moves around on it, than what is expected of bed sheets to make. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because the waterproof part covers only inside the ridge of the top of mattress (see photo). In other words, it does not cover the top completely so if your child is the type that likes to sleep on the edge of the bed the leak might go through to the mattress. I would think that they would at least extend the waterproof part to cover the entire top and a little of the side just to make sure it has the mattress covered even in those instances where the cover might move from the child tossing and turning. Another thing I didn't like so much is that the sides are made from a sensitive material. The material feels slightly stronger than female stockings, but like the stocking, it will snag with just your nail. Like I said, overall for the price, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a somewhat quality-way of covering your mattress without spending all the money.


Tear out very easily

I bought it yesterday, so today when I use it to wrap my Twin size bed, it tear out at first use. Tear from 1 inches to 5 inches just matter second. Hardly I buy it again.


Nice and comfy

It's nice and comfy!. I give it 4 stars because the elastic part is too thing. It feels like is going to rip/break. Just handle it with care and it will be fine! I recommend it!