Stanley 1000-Amp Peak/500 Instant Start Jump Starter #J509

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Stanley 1000-Amp Peak/500 Instant Start Jump Starter #J509
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Always be prepared for emergencies when on the road with the #J509 Stanley 1000-Amp Peak Jump Starter on hand. This unit more than enough juice to power up your car, truck, boat or RV. It promises 500 amps of instant starting energy. This Stanley 1000-Amp jump starter battery charger also includes a high-powered LED light that rotates 270 degrees. The unit features a reverse polarity alarm for safety, along with a metal handle grip for easy carrying and a durable, impact-resistant injection molded housing. This portable jump starter also comes with a DC charging plug and a pair of heavy-duty metal clamps. It even features #6 AWG cables. Take it with you on the road or on the water to get your vessel or vehicle back moving.

Stanley 1000-Amp Peak Jump Starter #J509:
  • Stanley jump starter is easy to use
  • Has plenty of power to use on a car, truck, boat and more
  • 1000A jump starter gives you 500A of instant power when started
  • Comes with a strong LED light that rotates almost a full circle
  • Includes a reverse polarity alarm
  • Metal handle makes it easy to carry
  • Housing is constructed from strong plastic for long life
  • Has a DC charging plug
  • Comes with strong metal clamps and AWG cables


Stanley 1000 Amp Peak jump starter.

I had park my Toyota Prius for almost seven month and when I tried to start it of course it was dead I had tried to start it with other type of chargers couldn't start it when I used the Stanley 1000 it start it in minutes.


It really works!

I have an old second car that sits most of the time. When I went to turn the car over, the battery was too weak and eventually ran out of juice. The car was in a spot that would not allow for me to jump start the car with my other, or any other, vehicle. Rather than call a tow company I searched the Internet for a personal, transportable jumper like the pros use. I found this model here at Walmart and decided to give it a shot. The unit was fully charged within a few hours; I went out to the car, connected positive to positive and the negative to unpainted metal in the engine bay, turned the nob and went to the car door. The dome light was came on and the chime for the key in ignition started to chime when I opened the door; I turned the key and it started right up! This is great to have around the house for those times when your car won't start (due to a bad battery) and everybody should have one, fully charged, in the car for long road trips. Buying this once can save a lot of money down the road with battery issues.


So far so good

This replaced a no-name similar product. It lasted a few years and the battery died. The batteries cost almost as much if not more than the product so keep that in mind. The Stanley version is significantly better than my old one (mostly). The old one had 2 cig adapter plugins. This one only has one. The Stanley has a USB port to charge cell phones, phones and tablets. So that is a step up. The little LED light is not much but really it is better than my old one because at least you can AIM this one. Plus the old no-name was incandescent. The main thing I like about this one is the simple ON/OFF switch to use the battery jump start feature. My old one had a couple of momentary buttons to push to get it to work (sometimes). This Stanley has already had to jump a car which it did with no problem. I use this also as emergency backup power. When severe storms are nearby this makes a great source of power to run our 12V TV from so we can watch the radar while we are in hiding. So far this is a great product. Hope the battery lasts! :)


Greatest thing since sliced bread

Love the light it has and the fact you can charge it either with AC or DC. Got really good features like a cigarette lighter outlet you can use for that kind of hookup and can use it for so many things.


Hope it lasts

Easy to charge,, easy to carry,, haven't used it but so far so good but