Kathy Kaye Halloween Popcorn Balls, 1 oz, 12 ct

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Kathy Kaye Halloween Popcorn Balls, 1 oz, 12 ct
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Kathy Kaye Foods Popcorn Balls are a perfect blend of sweet and salty that takes you back to Grandma's kitchen. Packaged individually into 1 oz bags makes them easy to take with you anywhere for a quick snack.

Kathy Kaye Popcorn Balls:
  • Sweet and salty
  • Gluten free
  • Made in a peanut and tree nut free facility


Devilish tasty

My 100+ treat or treaters enjoyed picking up their treat. This will be a traditional favorite for Halloween . Easy to order on line and delivered to my front door.


Delicious! TRY THESE!!

These are gluten-free and manufactured in a peanut-free facility. If you have someone in your family that has food allergies, these Kathy Kaye Halloween Popcorn Balls are awesome! We have been buying these popcorn balls for years and our child has never felt denied of yummy Halloween goodies. We have found a few other very good allergen-free candies, but the best part of every October is when we get these Kathy Kaye popcorn balls. They're very fresh and crunchy, sweet but not overly sugary, and the maintain their ball shape as you eat it. They are not crumbly at all! Somehow they manage to make the best tasting popcorn you'll ever have AND we also have the peace of mind that our child will not need an Epi-Pen injection after eating it! Believe me, it's always on our minds and our lives revolve around reading ingredient lists and asking dozens of questions every time we eat out. Long story short, food manufacturers can put peanut butter into anything and refer to it as "natural flavorings." So there's that nightmare to consider. If your loved one has food allergies, rest assured there is no trace of gluten or peanuts in this product. We couldn't be any happier with Kathy Kaye Halloween popcorn balls and we thank them for giving us peace of mind at a time of year that can send a child to the E.R., we don't have to worry about an allergic reaction. THANK YOU!!! Our entire family loves Kathy Kaye for their commitment to keeping this product free of peanuts and gluten. We're thankful and appreciate it so much <3


So yummy.

These are so yummy & fresh & huge in size as well. Glad I tried those out....cause I never ate them before. Nice Treat for young & old.



I love these, they taste great. It's about the size of a baseball and is made of plane popcorn. The syrup that is used to hold the balls together makes the whole treat taste like you are eating kettle corn. It's not hard to bite into so it will not break a tooth and you can even break chunks off to make it easier to eat. It's also not sticky so there is no mess involved for the smaller kids. Perfect treat for lunches or snacks.


Great taste

Great taste, easy to open, perfect size and low calorie for a late night snack.