Thomas & Friends MINIS Motorized Raceway

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Thomas & Friends MINIS Motorized Raceway
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Thomas & Friends MINIS introduces motorized play for even more fun and excitement! It all starts when you send the included Thomas and James MINIS up the steep vertical lift. The MINIS climb up automatically as the motorized playset lifts them up for an action-packed, multi-track adventure! When the MINIS reach the top of the set, turn the switch to choose your track. The first track is the water track sending your MINIS down the waterfall and right into a 360 degree loop! Next up is a free-fall drop track headed toward a broken piece of track. Swivel Cranky the Crane to swoop in and rescue your MINIS! As your MINIS engines pick up speed, they jump over the gap and land on the track ahead in thrilling daredevil fashion.
The final track seems headed for nowhere but have no fear, as your MINIS will simply roll off the edge, defying gravity and rolling upside down along the inverted sky track! Playset includes Thomas and James MINIS engines and can be used with other MINIS engines (sold separately).

Thomas & Friends MINIS Motorized Raceway:
  • Age Range: 3Y+
  • Includes Thomas and James MINIS engines
  • Features a vertical drop, 360 degree loop track and gravity-defying curve track
  • Multiple MINIS can ride along the tracks at the same time (additional MINIS engines sold separately)
  • Assembled Product Weight: 3.9 lb
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.24 x 11.96 x 17.94 Inches


Super fast & super fun!

I got this for my son about 2 weeks ago and my son loves it! There are 3 different ways the trains can maneuver on this track and you can choose which way they go by changing a switch. Anyway you choose, the trains go super fast! Our favorite is through the blue loop! Once the trains get to the bottom of the track they take a conveyor, one by one, to the top, my son also likes to attach the trains to Crankys hooks. The set is very, very easy to put together. I would not put more than maybe 8 trains on at a time though. We put like 10 on and they ended up either falling off or getting stuck. It is very cool and very fast. A few days after I we got it we went camping for a week and it was the first thing my son played with when we came back. it definitely keeps him entertained for quite sone time. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


A total hit

My four year old literally jumped up and down with joy when he opened the box and saw the motorized mini playset. He loved that it came with both Thomas and James, and after an easy assembly (assisted by Dad), he played with it for hours. Not only that, but the next day it was the first thing he wanted to play with as soon as he woke up. The set has a small footprint so it doesn't take up too much room - a definite plus. The noise it makes when on can be a little bothersome at first but then it fades into the background. It's a toy I would probably buy for others as a gift since the price point is reasonable and, once assembled, it's ready for play at any time. It's also relatively unique for any Thomas trains collector, and kids love "tiny" toys. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Boy Mom


My son loves this for his minis. It was easy to put together however, the pieces could be labeled better. There are 3 things that need a little improvement. 1. If the playset is on carpet, occasionally the minis do not make it all the way around the blue loop, if its on a table or solid floor, this was not an issue. 2. When switching the tracks at the top (orange piece), if it is not lined up with each track exactly, the minis will not go down the track and it causes a pile up at the top. 3. Also, if playing with more then 2 minis, if they get to close together at the bottom prior to feeding thru the motorized belt the minis get looped together and wont feed thru the yellow and blue rails. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Priceless toy!

Hi play,rate and review team! Its been weeks since i have tried and tested this toy so officially this toy is one of your best although it has a couple of minor faults but it is totally not a big issues on me because i love this mini motorize my son finally has something to do with his hundreds of minis... He played on this everyday morning tell night, It reminds me of his christmas presents the cheapest toy your regular Thomas and friends twist-n-turn that is on clearance for $10, He played it all the time, this one is more improvise and more high tech! id say me and hubby are very happy for this, I would expect this toy to be in store everywhere. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Twisty turny Moterized Thomas & Friends Mini set

"Wow that's so super awesome, cool" Direct quote from my 3 1/2 year old! Translation, he loves it! Pros: - Super interactive. There are 3 different tracks for the mini trains to run through. There's this nifty lever at the top where you can change the direction/route of the train. Kid loves that part. There's also a Cranky at the top of the track. You can hook the trains on there. - Fairly easy to put together. The directions are pictures so some times you have to look close to figure out if you have the right piece in the right place. Note: I did manage to hurt my finger pushing those flags into its slot, but that was my own, uncoordinated self's, fault. Cons: - Requires batteries, but does not come with batteries. This is not a deal breaker for me since this is fairly common in toys nowadays. We actually ended up playing with the toy first without batteries and kid still loved it. - The box was a nightmare to open. Every possible opening was taped shut and when you get one open, you couldn't actually dump out the items in the box. Mattel Disney Cars playsets have this cool push to open slot on the back or the bottom of the box. That would have made opening this toy easier and more enjoyable. Take away: we loved it! Super fun. We buy the Thomas Mini blind/surprise bags and now we have somewhere to play with those Minis. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]