BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch Corded Matrix Drill-Driver, BDEDMT

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BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch Corded Matrix Drill-Driver, BDEDMT
MSRP : $49.99

Sale : $33.26
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The Black & Decker Corded Drill/Driver will complete your tool set with style and ease. This equipment has a Matrix Quick Connect system that will allow for tool-free changing, making it easy to use. The Four-Amp Black and Decker drill has a 3/8", 11-position clutch that provides an extra level of control that not every implement of this caliber can offer. The speed can go from 0 to 1200 RPM, adding a wide range of speed options. This compact drill has a stylish, lightweight design that provides security and usability. It will work in very open areas as well as confined spaces, giving you a wide range of project completion options. It offers 128 lbs of torque. In the classic Black & Decker fashion, this drill features black and orange colors.
  • 4 amps
  • 0-1200 RPM
  • 128 in/lbs Torque
  • 11 Clutch Settings
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

MB reviewer

Fatal Design Flaw

Purchased this drill after researching various options. Despite an overall good design and some unexpected extra features, there is one design flaw that is so important, it renders the drill virtually useless. That is the inability to tighten bits in the chuck(!). In all other drills, you either use an old fashioned chuck key to tighten bits, or the chuck 'locks' while you turn the tightening collar secure. With this drill, the chuck turns freely while you attempt (in vain) to tighten your bit, resulting in a drill bit that often siezes in the hole you're trying to drill. Either I'm a complete idiot, or this is the worst design I've ever experienced (in a drill---there are countless examples of poor design elsewhere). It's like buying a beautiful new car without a steering wheel, designed to be steered by turning a little knob with your fingertips. It would work.......kind of....


I had my doubts but works better than I expected

I was a bit skeptical of a tool that just snaps together like this. But so far, so good. Also, I own a few battery operated tools for use when a corded one isn't practical. but prefer 120 volts whenever possible. At this point, I have only the drill attachment that came with it and the trim saw attachment that cost extra. I'm happy with both and I'll be buying more attachments if I remain happy with what I have so far.


Nice Drill

I found this Drill to be an excellent tool for light work, such as around the house, garage or workshop. It has the most important features that I wanted in a drill, quick & easy drill-bit change, variable speed, reverse, reasonably light with very little "kick-back !! I would want a few more amps for heavier work, such as professional or commercial use. But overall, I found this Drill to be exactly what I needed for my type of work !!


Does the job well

Good, solid corded drill. I love the option to add more power tool attachments later to it--oh, look, it's a Transformer drill!! ;-) So far, I've only used it (with a drill bit from my brother-in-law since I don't have a set of bits yet) to drill drainage holes in some plastic 5-gal buckets, something a nail just couldn't manage. It worked perfectly for that. The power seems decent, and it wasn't terribly heavy, always a plus.


Good buy

Exactly what I expected. I bought this primarily to use with the impact driver attachment during months that are tough on my battery powered tools in the garage. I find its performance comparable to my Dewalt 18V. It does have a bit more power than the battery powered tool.