HAAN Swift Sanitizing Steam Mop, SI-25

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HAAN Swift Sanitizing Steam Mop, SI-25
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The lightweight HAAN SI-25 Sanitizing Steam Mop is easy to use and easy to assemble. The HAAN steam mop thoroughly cleans and sanitizes small or large areas while killing up to 99.9 percent of common household germs and bacteria. The Swift electric steam mop is perfect for everyday dusting or for removing stuck-on messes. The HAAN steam mop also includes two reusable and washable Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads and resting pad to help give you a spotless home. The cleaning pads leave a streak-free surface and dry finish in just minutes. The HAAN SI-25 Sanitizing Steam Mop is a must-have for busy households everywhere.

Sanitizing Steam Mop for Quick and Easy Cleaning.

The HAAN Swift is light weight, easy to use and easy to assemble. It powers away dirt and grime and kills common household germs and bacteria in just one second. The Swift cleans and sanitizes small or large areas thoroughly and quickly. Includes 2 reusable Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads and resting pad.


Quick, Easy & Works Well

I bought this product because the Swiffer does not work well on our bamboo hardwood floors plus we have a new puppy. My main floor is tile and hardwood and also where the dog resides thus our floors quickly load up on the "ick" factor because of the constant in and out she requires. I have cleaned up all kinds of accidents and have found this to work well because of the extremely quick drying time -- the steam doesn't dump out a pool of water which is nice. I also have two children which can create their own messes at three and seven years of age. The mop does in fact heat up in 20 seconds. There are only two reusable/washable but durable clothes that Velcro attach however I did note that other big name devices like Shark also only include two pads with their own products. Overall, I would like to have a few more extra pads just because I am using this one to two times per day but I am satisfied with the quality given how much I find myself using it.


Works as advertised - great steam in moments

I'm a single guy and I'll admit keeping my place clean is not necessarily a top priority. When I saw this item available I decided to give it a try based on various things I've read. Arrive timely and puit to use within minutes of opening the box. Easily assembled as it snaps together without any tools. For my first run I used distilled water as I had some available. Plugged it in and within 30 seconds or so steam was available. The included pads are quite thick and seem well made. Certainly not the simple "micro fiber" cloths that are often available. Tried on my kitchen vinyl floor initially. Well, I won't describe the appearance of the bottom of the pad when I was done but what it picked up was amazing. It's also quite nice to know how it was also sanitized. It is the kitchen after all. I removed the pad from the bottom of the head and rinsed it out easily enough but it can also be run through teh cloths washer. All in all a great purchase. I'm currently thinking about a couple of attachments so I can also run it across a carpet floor later.


Great Steam mop

I was so amazed at how well this mop cleaned my tile floors. They were spotless, I can't believe I haven't purchased one of these mops earlier. I would highly recommend. Very easy to put together, use and store. I am now actually look forward to mopping the floors, a chore I previously did not enjoy.



The steam mop is quick at heating up, 20 seconds until its ready to roll. It's very good at cleaning my tile flooring. I can get my bathrooms (2), kitchen and dining room cleaned on half of the tank of water. I won't use the steam mop on my wood floors. A flooring guy once told me that you NEVER want to put steam on wood flooring, its like sandpaper. The only downfall of the steam mop is how many times you have to go over an area to get stickier stuff off of the floor. Other than that, I am happy with my purchase and recommend it for cleaning tile flooring.


Haan Swift Sanitizing Steam Mop

I am very happy with my purchase of the Haan Swift Sanitizing Steam Mop. Cleans very well and comes with not only 1 reusable cleaning cloth but 2. I also use mine to steam clean my bed mattress and couch cushions. Very easy to use and the water dispenser only needs filling once for all my needs and I have a very large kitchen. Thank you for a high quality product for such a reasonable price.