Play Ukulele Today! Complete Kit

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Play Ukulele Today! Complete Kit
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The Play Ukulele Today! Complete Kit is perfect for beginners who want to learn to play the instrument. The kit has been released by Hal Leonard to help beginners learn how to play this folk instrument. It comes with 75 songs and examples so that the beginner can learn to practice them. This ukulele starter kit helps you to get a good knowledge of the common notes and sounds with the help of the chord finder. The kit includes a CD that has demonstration tracks. There are 99 such tracks, which can teach you to play the instrument better. It also familiarizes you with the common guitar chords and helps you understand the picking and strumming techniques. The DVD included in this ukulele kit lets you make sure that you are playing the instrument correctly. It also gives you tips related to the standard notation so that you can play it well in no time at all. So if you already have the instrument, then you just need the Play Ukulele Today! Complete Kit.

Play Ukulele Today Complete Kit:
  • Ukulele starter kit includes:
    • 75 songs and examples
    • Common chords and expressions
    • Picking and strumming techniques
    • Playing tips in standard notation and tablature
  • The CD includes 99 demonstration tracks to help you along the way
  • The DVD in this ukulele kit makes sure you're getting it all just right
  • Pick this pack up and you'll be playing the ukulele in no time


ok for the price- not for serious players

I bought this ukulele for my 15 year old daughter that, unlike most girls her age, was the ONLY thing she really wanted for Christmas. First of all there was a chip on the front of the uke that looked to have white out painted on it to cover the chip, she just picked off the paint & was fine with the chip, said it made it special, lol! The DVD & book are easy to understand & she is strumming away & was playing several chords the same day. I would recommend purchasing a tuning device because it tends to slip out of tune very easily but according to my brother who is very musically gifted even his higher end guitars sometimes do this too. I am not musically gifted & it seems my daughter is not quite so much either so it is very hard to tune by ear for us. I knew this would not be a serious instrument, more of a beginner model to see if she would actually stick with learning to play so it is serving our use well enough. Great product for beginners if you get a tuner too (not sure best one but I've added a few options?), just not a product for serious players wanting a nicer instrument. If she sticks with it I plan to buy her a nicer one.


ok for the price- not for serious players

Bought as a Christmas gift so unable to fully evaluate at this time.


Great for a first timer!

I received this for Christmas last year and was really impressed. The sound is terrific for the price. Love this ukulele, it goes almost everywhere with me. The only problem I had was that the strings kept slipping out of tune. So I took a little screw driver and tightened the pegs a bit and now they hold fine. Overall a great ukulele, I would definitely recommend for someone wanting to start out and practice the basics.


great buy

This is the second one of these I have purchased for my grand chldren. Very happy with play Ukulele kit is an easy way for youngsters to learn about music.


Great for a beginner.

This is a very good value for the expense. My 9 year old daughter decided she wanted a ukulele. This is perfect for her. She was playing it right away, very well, following the cds and manuals. Obviously, you will need to tune it. I would recommend this for a youth or beginner.