XO Vision IR620 IR wireless headphones for in-car Video listening

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XO Vision IR620 IR wireless headphones for in-car Video listening
MSRP : $9.97

Sale : $8.99
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The XO Vision IR620 IR wireless headphones are a treat to have on long car rides — just put them on and zone out. The XO Vision wireless headphones feature a unique foldable ear cup design to provide better comfort with extra padding. The extra foam cushioning of these wireless headphones for cars are comfortable enough to wear for a longer period of time. The wireless headphones have an auto shut-off function as well, that will save battery by shutting down automatically when not in use. These XO Vision IR620 IR wireless headphones can be easily adjusted to fit any head size. The headset features a touch on and off switch and volume control for convenient use on the go. Batteries are included with the headphones.

XO Vision Ir620 Wireless Headphones:
  • Extra foam cushioning gives you superior comfort making them ideal to wear over long periods
  • Auto Shut-Off saves battery by automatically shutting down when not in use
  • One size fits all - easily adjusts to fit any size head
  • Touch On/Off Switch and Volume Control conveniently located on side of headphone
  • Batteries Included
  • Simply turn the headphone on and place over ears
  • The XO Vision IR620 IR wireless headphones works with factory Mobile Video IR Systems


Great wireless headphones for my van!

We added a DVD player to outnumber mini- can and these headphones worked perfectly! Just put in the batteries - which were included - and go! Awesome purchase and really great price!


Makes for happy road trips.

The best thing about these headphones is that you can buy a male-male audio cable and these wireless headphones can be plugged into whatever handheld gaming device your kid has. So, if they don't want to watch the DVD, they can plug the headphones into their handheld electrical device du jour and listen to that racket through their headphones. End result: the Mrs and I can listen to what we want, the kiddo can listen to what he wants.


Loud, soft

My kids (ages 5-9) really prefer these headphones over the others we've tried. These headphones are softer on their ears and don't pinch their head as tightly at the other style. The auto-turn off is good to save battery life and they are more durable than the other style too (battery compartment and soft fabric stay on better than other brands). We use the headphones in a van, in the first row using our Pyle DVD player and the volume can go high enough to hear well over freeway/road noise.


Our children are so excited, we enjoyed our ride!

I could not be more pleased with these headphones! I'm so glad these are available at such a low price. I couldn't conceive of spending $88 a piece for the Hyundai version. These work wonderfully for our Hyundai Veracruz installed factory DVD. We are gearing up for a long road trip with loads of kids and we will need to be able to have them occupied by movies and we can still listen to our music or xm. So happy with my purchase, we will get 2 more!


Worked Directly Out of the Package

We decided to purchase some wireless infrared headphones for our 2012 Chrysler T&C. We bought the vehicle used from the dealership and the original headphones were missing/unavailable. We researched buying "official" VES compatible headphones, and the average cost for a pair was anywhere from $60-$200. We decided to try these, knowing we would only be out a few bucks if they didn't work. Fortunately, they worked amazingly right out of the package. Each headphone comes with two AAA batteries. We put them in, powered the headphones on, placed them on our ears, and tested them out. The sound quality and volume was good enough to drown out the volume of the radio playing in the front of the van. We are very pleased with this purchase.