Square Credit Card Magstripe Reader (with headset jack)

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Square Credit Card Magstripe Reader (with headset jack)
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Take payments from customers virtually anytime and anywhere with the Square Credit Card Magstripe Reader. It's designed to plug into an Apple or Android device and allows for safe card swipes that are immediately encrypted. Processing fees are also deducted for added seller convenience. This Square Magstripe reader works with the Square app for a range of point-of-sale functions. When no signal is available, payments are stored for later processing.
Square Credit Card Magstripe Reader:Works with iOS and AndroidPlugs into standard headphone jack or lightning portCard information is encrypted at the moment of swipeClear pricing and fast deposits at 2.75% per swipe in 1-2 business daysOffline Mode allows you to swipe payments without a connectionSquare credit card reader works with Square point-of-sale app to allow just about anyone to take payments on a device


Great Product and Service

I have only had this product/service for a short time but am extremely pleased thus far. I called them for setup since I had 4 card readers I wanted linked to the same bank account and they were very helpful in walking me through everything. Setup took about 10 minutes. Took my first transaction and the money was already in my account the next business day. That is much faster than my previous credit card service company. Also, they have lots of reporting features on their website so you can track your sales by day/hour with additional information such as who is returning and who is a new customer. Also they offer a free online store that you can link up to your website. Their is no cost for this and it seems like it will work great for me. I am just starting to experiment with it so no review yet on it how it actually works.


Easy way for small business to accept credit cards

The Square Up Reader is the easiest and cheapest way I have found for my small business to accept credit cards. The free software (app) set up is very easy and quick. I was able to customize my check out process with my most-used sales within a half hour. The company's website answered all of my questions about payments, refunds, and fees. I was happy to see there are no monthly costs, just a per-use cost. After I set up the Reader, I received a credit that paid for the reader. (I'm not sure how long the company will offer the rebate, but the website cost is already low- lower than the in-store cost.)


Cool little device!!

I love this thing!! I have a small home-based business and I think this item is indispensable to it. It works well, allowing me to either run a card by swiping or type in the numbers. It is small and makes doing business possible anywhere. The web system that supports this device also keeps track of all your transactions, can send off receipts in various formats to your customers, and can add local taxes. Pretty cool. I ordered this for pickup at Walmart, which went off smoothly - very good customer service.


Simple to Use

The reader and the Square service are easy to use. The only learning curve I had was to swipe the cards level from side to side to get a good read. Otherwise I was impressed with how easy it was to take mobile payments. Customers were also relieved to see the Square reader. It was a brand they were used to seeing for mobile payments. I hate thinking about monthly fees and variable rates for different credit cards, but Square's level rate with no fees makes life easy.


Very good product

This card reader is great for small business. The register app also allows for cash transactions and emails or texts receipts to your customers with your business information! You can opt to include your sales tax which automatically calculates as well. Overall a great value. I got $10 to start using it, with a promo code included in packaging. A must have for mobile payments.