Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Black

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Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Black
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As Seen on TV Flex Seal Spray on Rubber, Black, 14 oz:
  • Easy to use, aerosol spray which seeps into cracks and dries to a flexible watertight coating
  • Will not sag and drip in the summer heat or crack and peel in the winter cold
  • Transforms and fits to virtually any object making it ideal for any project ranging from construction to arts and crafts


Works if you follow directions

This Product totally works, just make sure you use a few coats and don't just load it on all at once or only use 1 coat. USE A FEW GOOD COATS and it will seal the leak. I purchased a pre-formed pond that had a crack & it looked like they tried to seal before but still had slight leakage. I removed all previous glues & just sprayed a few coats of this flex seal and the pond no longer leaks at all, completely sealed it up.


Roof Work

I bought a couple of cans of Flex Seal back when it was first advertised because nothing I had tried including asbestos impregnated roofing cement had been able to seal the joints in the ceiling panels of my four-season room. I sealed them with single applications of the Flex Seal. And, Bingo, my problem was solved. And they stayed solved until this year when, again, the panels leaked during one of our recent cloud bursts. When I found out that Walmart had the product and free shipping I immediately ordered three new cans. This time I double sealed the joints and the next time we had another torrential rain my little addition was dry as a bone. I'd recommend this product to anyone needing to waterproof a thin joint. Worked even better than taping the joints with strip caulk!


nice sealant

good for sealing cracks to keep out water..I use it around the foundation of the house.. I've had problems with water coming into the house when we have very heavy rain ... along with digging a ditch along the house, I use the flex seal outside and Flex Shot inside


I use it on my asphalt driveway and it works great

I use it on my asphalt driveway and it works great to cover and seal bad spots and tire tracks that have lifted up my coating


I use it on my asphalt driveway and it works great

ez to use but can be messy (do not get it on your skin -- impossible to remove)