Viviscal Hair Growth Program, Extra Strength Tablets, 60 Ct

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Viviscal Hair Growth Program, Extra Strength Tablets, 60 Ct
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Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplement Tablets, 60 count:

  • Clinically proven formula
  • Hair dietary supplement is 100% drug-free
  • Scientifically formulated AminoMar marine complex
  • Nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth from within
  • Backed by 5 clinical trials
  • #1 selling hair growth supplement in the U.S.
  • Surgery-free, easy-to-use solution for hair growth
  • Scientifically proven to improve hair thickness and reduce shedding within 3-6 months
  • Viviscal hair tablets are suitable for all hair types
  • 60 easy-to-swallow tablets
  • Used for hair regrowth, thickening and volumizing
  • Helps maintain the ideal environment for healthy hair growth


No more hair loss after three months.

As an octogenarian I have tried most every hair loss remedy in the past 20 years. Every day, every time I combed my hair the sink was full of hair. In less than a month after starting Viviscal Extra Strength Tablets there were 3 or 4 or NO hair in the sink. Now, after 3 months my hair already feels and looks fuller. Easy to groom, no more teasing.


Not a miracle worker but good

I was expecting my hair to grow exponentially faster and longer, which didn't happen, but it did help with the quality of my hair, in turn helping with the growth/retention. It also didn't fill in balding areas as I had hoped. I used Viviscal consistently for 7 months.


Viviscal Really Works!!

I am 62 years old, and my hair has been thinning for awhile. My part was getting wide, and I was losing LOTS of hair in the shower. I started taking this and within a month, saw a noticeable difference. I have been using it for about 6 months now, and my part is much thinner and looks normal again, and I am losing much less hair in the shower. An added benefit is the biotin in it is good for nails, too. So I have thicker hair, and stronger nails. Win win!! I was quite surprised that it actually works. Much better to nourish the hair from the inside by taking this supplement than putting external treatments on it.


40yrold females! Please read before buying

I have been taking this regularly for only one month. I have noticed several changes in my whole body during this time... I have started growing very strong nails and have seen a little length growth in my hair, but no help to my thinning. However, I have grown hair on my face( which I never had before) and my "shave" places need shaving more often. I have bulked up all over very thick in my waist and thighs and gained around 7 lbs. My breasts have become firmer but at the cost of extreme tenderness, and more weight in my belly. If all of this hasn't distressed me enough, I have been very angry and short tempered, yo-yoing with bouts of sadness. I was told years ago to get off hormonal birth control and I did and improved. If you are sensitive to hormone imbalance, this will not be for you!! I don't understand and you can't tell looking at the ingredients that this will happen, but just wanted to warn those that have been sensitive not to ride this roller coaster!! I did check other reviews and have seen quite a few women experiencing weight gain.. but there's a lot more. Hoping as I quit this supplement to get back to the right balance mentally and physically.. ps. I stopped two days ago and the scale is down 1.5 lbs


Heads up hair supplement

I have just completed one month and I can't say that I've seen new growth yet, however, I have definitely noticed I'm not loosing as much hair as I was prior to taking this supplement. That in itself is helpful to me. I have now reordered for month number two and will see if there is new growth . It did say it could take up to three months. I am very happy that at least my hair is not "falling out" like it was before.