Mini Terra Cotta Pots, Pack of 12

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Mini Terra Cotta Pots, Pack of 12
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Sale : $8.51
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These Mini Terracotta Pots make it easy for you to teach children about how plants grow and thrive. They're made from material that's easy to paint for labeling and personalizing. These mini flower pots are compact so you can set up several along a window sill. They flare out at the top which makes them stackable for more space-efficient storage. The terracotta material is strong enough to hold up to lots of use. A hole in the bottom allows excess moisture to drain out to prevent overwatering. You can use them to set up your own personal herb or flower garden inside or outdoors. The neutral color of these units makes them easy to coordinate with your existing decor scheme. Keep your plants inside the pots or transfer them to the ground when they get big enough to survive outside.
Mini Terra Cotta Pots, Pack of 12:Mini flower pots you can paint and personalizeReuse and replant again and againTeach about flowers, herbs and moreDimensions: 2" across the top; 1.25" across the base; 2.25" tallHole in bottom for drainagePack of 12 mini potsIdeal for classrooms and daycareSuitable for use indoors or outsideStackable pots are easy to store awayNeutral earthen colorKeep small plants in the pots and transfer larger ones to grow in the ground



Before you purchase this item, I recommend, you check with you local Walmart's, lawn and garden center for availability. I purchased this on-line, which at $8.95+10%, in tax, equated to $.83, per pot. My local Walmart sells them individually for $.32, per pot, which is a savings of $5.63. I purchased at the store and returned my on-line purchase.


Micro pots are tiny, but adorable

I ordered these to paint and use as decorations for a graduation open house. I knew they were smaller than the standard 4" pot, but pictured them as being the same size as a mini pot which my kids painted in school. These are smaller than that. They would be very cute to plant a couple seeds in as gifts for Mother's Day, but the plant would have to have shallow roots, I think, and you'd have to transplant them right away. Even though they're closer to a shot glass size than a plant pot, they are really adorable. I haven't decided if I'll use them or save them for another purpose.



Perfect, tiny, undecorated


Too small

Product description and photo did not give a reasonable approximation of the size of the pots.



These little pots are not hardened like the larger versions. I was using them in a craft project they cracked very easy.They were a great size, came packaged to protect them, But will not last long!!