Piggy Paint Natural as Mud Nail Polish

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Piggy Paint Natural as Mud Nail Polish
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Piggy Paint Natural as Mud Nail Polish:

  • The product is chemical free and is non-toxic
  • This low odor nail polish comes in a selection of three colors
  • Simply apply 2 or 3 coats and let dry for 60 seconds
  • Colors: pink, purple, blue
  • Safe for use by children


Fantastic, no smell, great colors!

This nailpolish DOES NOT SMELL. The colors are great, wearability is so-so. For painting little kids' nails #and for pregnant smell-sensitive mommas# this is a fantastic product. The prices for these little bottles are great, too. It allows you to get a larger variety of colors than you would get by just buying one full bottle at piggypaint.com. Also, since it's in stores, you don't have to pay for shipping.


Perfect for children

I absolutely love this product for my daughters. I have used it on both my 21 month old and my 6 month old. I love the fact that is doesn't have an odor to it and the colors are so bright and vibrant! I will recommend this product to anyone I know who has little girls!! I'm so glad it was recommended to me!


great product for little girls!

My 18 month old daughter LOVES to get her nails and toenails painted just about every time I go in the bathroom to put on my makeup. The problem is that she chews on her fingers and subsequently eats the fingernail polish that is on them. Normal polish has harsh chemicals that I do not want entering her mouth. Piggy paint is all natural and works great! It does seem to have the tendency to chip easily (although my daughter plays really hard!) but I haven't tried putting their clear coat over the colored polish so that may work better. She loves it and I love that it's all natural and can't hurt her!



This is the only nail polish that I buy for my 4 year old daughter because it's non-toxic low odor, and eco-friendly.


they do smell, but better than regular nail polish

i bought these for my little 4 yo princess. we've used them many times and she loves it. the bottles are very small, half size of the regular ones. i thought they were safe. last time i painted her nails i had her on a junior bunk bed, with her hands and feet right in front of my eyes. then they are right in front of my nose, too. after painting 10 fingers and toes, i had a slight headache from taking in all the fume. so they DO smell, just not as bad as regular nail polishes.