IFROGZ Little Rockers Headphones - Train, Plane, Race Car

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IFROGZ Little Rockers Headphones - Train, Plane, Race Car
MSRP : $240

Sale : $9.49
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Protect kids' ears while listening to music, videos and playing games with these iFrogz Little Rocker Headphones. They feature a built-in volume control that limits sound to a safe level. These 85 db headphones feature ear caps with various designs, such as a train, plane and race cars. They offer quality sound that's clear, allowing children to gain full benefit from their listening experience. These headsets come with a 30mm driver.

iFrogz Little Rocker:
  • iFrogz headphones specifically designed for children
  • Protect kid's ears by not playing music over a safe 85dB
  • Fun designs and interchangeable ear caps
  • 30mm drivers deliver crisp, clear sounds
  • Ideal for music, videos and playing games
  • Available designs: butterfly/ladybug/stars, football/shark/soccer, owl/dots/turtle, train/plane/car


Waste of money

Bought these for my son during the Black Friday sale for a Christmas present. He used them Christmas Day for a few hours and then they were trash. His first complaint was that the sound was real low (we had his Samsung Galaxy tab volume at full blast. - still the sound was faint). Eventually the sound just went anyway altogether. No matter what we plugged them into. There was nothing. I didn't review the product sooner because it hadn't crossed my mind. I was online looking for new headphones for my son and continue to come across these. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!


I bought 2

Bought for my 4yo and 2 yo they work great and sound is good quality. Kids love that they can listen without having me tell them turn it down. Only bad part is the snap on side pieces don't stay well kids can remove them but it's only for looks and doesn't effect product.


Didn't last long

My 5yr old twins each got a pair of these headphones for Christmas. They use them with an iPad a few times a week. The size was perfect for their little heads & ears. We don't wrap the cord up when not in use for fear of breaking the wires but loosely gather them up and put on a shelf. Today, my son told me the music on the pad sounded funny so I put the headphones on and low and behold, the wires are still broken. No music, only voice comes through. If we wanted to use these headphones, I would have to sit and push hard the end of the cord, where it plugs into the port. Not realistic. These were $20 each at the time of purchase, so I'm pretty disappointed they didn't last longer.


Cute but cannot hear out of them

The headphones are very cute and have been durable BUT the sound is so faint that my kids cannot hear out of them. We have turned the computer and tablet sound all the way up but still the sound is not very audible. Forget them if you want to use them in a car or motorhome on a trip!


Cute, but breaks easily

I bought these for my daughter during the black Friday deal. She had them 3 hours on the car ride back home and they were broken by the time we got home. They were smaller than I expected. Cute but very flimsy. I did like the option to customize and that it protected ears.