Clio Beautytrim Battery-Operated Personal Hair Trimmer

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Clio Beautytrim Battery-Operated Personal Hair Trimmer
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Remove unwanted hair from your face, bikini line, and other areas with the Clio Designs Clio Beautytrim Personal Hair Trimmer for Women. With an extra-fine stainless steel blade, delicate areas receive a precise shave when it matters. The battery-operated hair trimmer also comes with a cleaning brush and a guide attachment.

Clio Designs Clio Beautytrim Personal Hair Trimmer:

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Battery-operated trimmer is great for face, bikini line, etc.
  • Extra fine, stainless steel blade allows precise trimming of delicate areas
  • Women's facial hair trimmer includes a dual-length trimming guide attachment and cleaning brush


UPC : 843445090652 - Clio Beautytrim Battery-Operated Personal Hair Trimmer -

Stops working when you trim the tiniest hair. Hate it!! Bought one from you guys like 5 years ago. That one just died. I absolutely loved that one, was hoping new one would be the same. Not at all. This one is like all plastic. The older one seemed to be metal and and so much sturdier.


I love it!

I had a different brand before but this one is much better! Sharper, cleaner trim & doesn't lose power during use. It's faster & more accurate than my old one, that I dropped & it never worked again. I'm glad I took the chance with this one & will buy it again & recommend it to others. Great product! Very happy with it... I've also found that the hair doesn't grow back as fast with this one...BIG PLUS!


Clio Razors Junk

I bought 3 of these. One for myself and 2 for my friends. I own one from a differet manufacturer and I love it and told my friends I would get each of them one, on me, as they are amazing for the blonde fluff we all get on our face. Big mistake buying Clio brand! Mine broke just trying to insert 1 little battery! One of my girlfriends was bent and had half a top, the missing half had the blade in it and was not anywhere in the package so it was useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so embarrassed that I didn't even send my other girlfriend hers. Once I get all the pieces together I am returning them for a full refund. Hopefully that won't be as awful as their product. I have the exact same product made better and I have had for years, remington, that is what I bought and replaced these Clio junk razors for.


Makes you bleed, it's that bad!!!

This item is absolutely terrible, it ripped off a small chunk of my skin on my bikini line. I know it was only $10.00 but I've boughten "Conair" products for the same price and NEVER had this happen. I thought this would still be a quality product and was tempted because of the cool design. Not worth it in the least, I might as well have used a steak knife, stay away from this product!!! I wouldn't give this product ANY STARS but I had to put one to submit it.


Very Useful

I really like this Personal hair trimmer. I am getting to be as old as dirt and it is hard for me to try and trim my eyebrows. lol. I just use the handy guide that comes with the trimmer. I also went online and orded a replacement cutting blade that included a cleaning brush.