Two Chocolate, Candy & Popcorn filled Alder Creek Holiday Gift Basket Gold Towers, 5 pc (Pack of 2)

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Two Chocolate, Candy & Popcorn filled Alder Creek Holiday Gift Basket Gold Towers, 5 pc (Pack of 2)
MSRP : $35.88

Sale : $15.15
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These beautiful Alder Creek Gift Baskets Gold Towers as ideal for any holiday occasion. They are filled with lots of tasty treats, including caramel popcorn, truffle cookies, Lindt truffles and more. This 5-piece holiday gift basket tower can be taken or sent to a party or gathering. It is as delicious as it is attractive.
Chocolate, Candy and Popcorn-filled Alder Creek Holiday Gift Baskets Gold Tower, 5-Piece:Filled with an assortment of different treatsExcellent gift to send or take to a holiday gatheringDelicious and attractive chocolate candy and popcorn gift baskets


Okay for the price you pay

There were no cookies in this gift set as shown in the picture. The smallest box has 2 pieces of Lindt chocolate balls, the next box has 2 pieces of ghirardelli chocolate squares, and the rest is as shown in the picture. I got this on sale so I can't really complain for the price you get something decent. It may look a little smaller in person but overall I'm still glad I purchased it and would recommend to someone who would like to send something nice on a budget.


Too small

You pay mostly for the deco boxes. There is very little product in them. The entire thing is maybe 10-12 inches tall. Better to buy the ingredients and put it together by yourself.


Great value for the price

Impressed in the way the item arrived and how fast it came to my door. Highly recommend since there is something in there for everyone in the family.


great party gift

Was a life saver - made me look like a generous guest. Will definitely purchase again with holiday party season coming up since it's so friendly to the wallet!


Get set for the inlaws

the popcorn was amazing and it had that extra bit of caramel that made it perfect. The candy and the chocolate cookies were so good. I needed something that was easy and already wrapped and this was easy to buy and i had shipping pass so it took 2 days.