Google Home Mini - Chalk, 2-Pack

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Google Home Mini - Chalk, 2-Pack
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Twice as helpful. Double up on your Google Assistant with two Google Home Minis. Having two Minis lets you play music in multiple rooms, broadcast messages around the house and get help in more places. “Hey Google, broadcast dinner is ready.” Having two Google Home Minis will also allow you to play the same music in multiple rooms. “Hey Google, play hip hop music on all speakers.”

A powerful little helper.
Get hands-free help in any room with Google Home Mini. It's powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It���s your own personal Google.

Get answers from Google.
Use your voice to quickly find information about the weather, news, sports and more. "Hey Google, will I need an umbrella today?"

Manage your day from breakfast to bed.
Get help with things like your schedule, commute, travel information and more.Google Home Mini can even help you find a lost iPhone or Android phone and make phone calls to any personal contact or business. "Hey Google, wake me up at 6:30 AM tomorrow." 

Play, pause, and rewind. Hands-free.
Control your favorite music, movies and shows, using only your voice. "Hey Google, play some pop music." 

Control your smart home.
Use your voice to control your compatible lights, thermostats and more. Google Home Mini works with more than 1,000 smart devices from over 150 popular brands. "Hey Google, turn off the bedroom lights."
Fun for the whole family.
Learn something new, play fun games and listen to stories with the Google Assistant. Want to tell the kids breakfast is ready? Broadcast a message to other Google Home devices around the house. ���Hey Google, let���s play a game.��� Your child can sign in to Google Home devices with their Google Account managed with Family Link.

Your voice. Your info.
Get personalized responses for everyone at home with voice recognition. "Hey Google, when is my first meeting tomorrow?"
Choose between different colors.
Google Home Mini comes in two unique colors, Chalk and Charcoal. Select the right color that matches your room and personal style.
1 In the US and Canada. 911 and 1-900 calls are not supported.
2 Subscriptions required to access some content.
3 Your child can sign in to Google Home devices with their Google Account managed with Family Link.
4 Google Home can distinguish up to six voices in total.


Nice smart device

Configuring routines on the device are nice. So you can set a routine for night, morning, etc whereby it will play a certain station, play night sounds...There are a number of things you can setup as a routine. Music selections seem more limited than Alexa but the Home Mini is better at answering questions.


Nice smart device

havent been using for long time but easy to set up , fun to use -


Terrible bluetooth connectivity

Only purchased the double home mini pack to control Philips hue lights and to play music in multiple rooms. With plans to purchase more later specifically for the multi room music function. I was aware the mini speakers weren't the greatest quality when playing music. I wasn't concerned because I was going to connect each mini to a different Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth playback was awful for both minis contecting to any Bluetooth speaker. Choppy and stuttered playback on almost every song. I reset the minis, removed and reconnected every Bluetooth speaker with no improvement. I tried more than 1 music source, not just Spotify. I connected other Android and apple devices to my existing Bluetooth speakers without issues. A quick Google search will tell you this is a large and common problem. I would not have chosen this product knowing that.



The google home mini is very helpful. My family like to use.


google mini

Great google mini they work great they sound great