Slumber 1 by Zinus 8" Spring Mattress-In-a-Box

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Slumber 1 by Zinus 8" Spring Mattress-In-a-Box
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Sale : $119
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Sleep more comfortably at night with a convenient Slumber 1-8'' Mattress in a Box (Multiple Sizes). It is ready to use on platform beds and easy to set up for standard beds. The Slumber 1 Mattress in a Box features a firm and tightly wound top bed mattress with integrated individual spring coils that provide a customized feel that conforms to the shape of your body. The springs are spaced close enough to provide optimal support, yet far enough apart to increase motion separation and provide more undisturbed rest. The tight top mattress also features breakthrough rebound technology, meaning that the mattress is tightly packed when shipped to conserve space and naturally expands in just a few hours. Other bedding accessories, like foundations and bed frames, are available separately. Each Slumber 1-8'' Mattress in a Box (Multiple Sizes) comes complete with a 10-year limited warranty.


~ Love This Mattress Wouldn't Buy Any Other ~

I suffer from fibromyalgia which often leaves me in a great deal of pain. In the past I have purchased more expensive mattresses to find them in worse condition as well as providing no relief. In the past I purchased the twin size mattress which we still have and instantly fell in love. The softness and the comfort is AMAZING! Especially for the price you can't beat it! Now, if your expecting to get a $10,000 mattress for this price or top of the line try else where this is NOT the mattress for you but if your expecting to get a fairly decent mattress that is comfortable for a great price than look no further! Most people including myself seem amazed at how the mattress unfolds out of the box and starts to slowly rise to it's proper position. It does take time to fully erect to it's correct size I believe it's 48 hrs but it usually rises faster than that. Now if you purchase you MUST be careful when taking it out of the box and removing the tape as not to cut the mattress. The only complaint I have is that I ordered it online @ walmart and the box arrived pretty beat up! Other than that LOVE LOVE LOVE this mattress! Gr8 buy for the price!


Don't Sleep on this SAVINGS! Gr8 deal 4 the price!

I was very skeptical even with the good reviews but we ordered this to go in my daughter's (5 yr old) room for her daybed. It's not too low and not too high of a mattress and is just right. So far my mom and my husband have slept in her bed, so it holds up for adults too. Couldn't be more thrilled that we paid $150 for a decent new mattress. It's surprising how it inflates IMMEDIATELY after you take it out of the box and wrapping. Who knew, this would work out like it did...we are way beyond happy with this purchase, so "don't sleep on this savings"! :-)


If You're Looking For Comfort

I have a day bed frame and was looking for comfortable mattresses to use on them. I read the reviews and was impressed. It is true these mattresses are so comfortable. My day bed has a pop-up trundle bed that folds under it. The mattresses were bought for my guest room so that I can use it as a studio couch in my office on a daily basis and when I have guests it opens into a king sized bed. I had to test them out to make sure they were good enough for my guest, and they are. I slept like a baby. Thanks Walmart Rumpoint


What a surprise!

I purchased this mattress after buying a new bed. I was nervous about it, thinking that I would hate it. Turns out, I loved it! It quickly took shape after I took it out of the box and unrolled it, and I slept on it that same night with no problems! You can't even tell that it came from a box. I do recommend getting a mattress pad, though, because sometimes if you turn over, you can feel the springs moving.


8" MATTRESS-IN-A-BOX by Slumber 1

Day 2.. So far so good! Mattress expanded in 10 min or so, it reached more that the size I ordered (8"), see pictures. Mattress is firm but comfortable, design on it looks good. I'll make an update 6 months later. Got questions?, ask me!