20" Box Fan

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20" Box Fan
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Whether you’re supplementing your air conditioning or depending on a fan for all your cooling action, this Hawaiian Breeze fan will have you chilling in no time. This fan has 2 speed settings so you’re always the ultimate in comfort. It has an easy carry handle to you can move it around whenever a room gets too hot. Comes in solid white to blend with your décor.
Hawaiian Breeze fan will have you chilling in no time3 speed settings for optimal comfortEasy to carry handleMove it from room to roomNeutral white color to blend with any decorComes in 20" box


Sad little fan.

While two of the speeds worked, when I got it, after a couple of months it simply stopped working. No apparent reason, but it no longer works. The instructions did not tell how to open the unit for cleaning, but it wasn't impossible to figure out. There are no user serviceable parts inside, and nothing that would indicate why the fan quit working. It isn't three phase, and so could not have 'lost a phase'. It has no visible damage, and so I can only assume it's a manufacturing defect. Others have had this problem, according to the reviews, and so it seems likely.


Awesome fan for price

We bought fans for when we visit friends in Georgia. Was 95 deg there. Putt theses in the Windows, and what a difference. Felt like the ac was on. Had three settings, 1 - normal speed, 2- the oh that's nice and 3- hurricane speed winds, felt great. Fan is light weight, somewhat quiet. Would recommend to anyone.


Best Fan So Far

The fan is very well designed and for as much output it has it is pretty quiet. The only thing I would change about it would be to have the speeds somewhat lower. The LOW setting is about where MEDIUM is on most fans so it is louder because of it. But compared to some fans I have purchase it is the best I have found so far, for output and noise level.


Very goood fan love it

The big box around the box with it was damaged, but the actual box was absoultely fine. Althrough i wanted purple which was sold out i wanted the red one, but the day after i bought it both came back on stock what a total bad timing:( But either way the white is very bright for a fan for white, and it dont blow out as powerful as many say or as Loud as many say it does however blow out really good air and the noise level is slightly above average IMO than typcial boxfans. Either way the loudiness helps me sleep which is great i love the pattern it has like a fan spinnning which is awesome, and it was cheap. So all in all i love it, it looks cool blows good cheap. Love the spinning pattern. Than basic rows which are boring. I love it :) just wish i had purple or red but for white it looks sharp white which is good for the color white:)



The 2nd speed setting does not work. For the price and hassle of the return. It will do.