20" Box Fan

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20" Box Fan
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Whether you’re supplementing your air conditioning or depending on a fan for all your cooling action, this Hawaiian Breeze fan will have you chilling in no time. This fan has 2 speed settings so you’re always the ultimate in comfort. It has an easy carry handle to you can move it around whenever a room gets too hot. Comes in solid white to blend with your décor.
"Hawaiian Breeze fan will have you chilling in no time3 speed settings for optimal comfortEasy to carry handleMove it from room to roomNeutral white color to blend with any decorComes in 20"" box"


Love This Fan !

I was looking for a fan that blows cool air,because my room is very hot and I was kind of worried about ordering a fan I can't test out in person,but these reviews convinced me to get it . And I am 150% satisfied .I was going to order 2 but this One is so Good I don't even need to do that anymore. i sleep like a baby at night On low I get cold that's how good it is .


Nice Design for a Low Priced Fan ;)

I wanted purple but they were sold out, (waaa, lol ;) but now that I have the red, I really like it!! Great design at a rock bottom price. The cord tucks into the back for storage. On the back of the fan (behind the control knob) is a hidden indented handle for carrying. On the bottom of the fan, the feet slide out to stabilize it. Plus, I like the way the control knob is integrated into the design. Fun colors, rounded corners. Most fans are so ugly that it's refreshing to have one that looks nice in your room(s). Surprisingly powerful for a lightweight plastic body fan. (Weight is 7 lbs., so no worries if you are carrying it home like I did.) Medium setting works best for me - high was a tad too breezy. I actually like that it's plastic instead of metal because the metal fans often arrive bent - either the frame or fan blades or both - and then it doesn't work. After all this praise, I just hope it lasts, lol. Being plastic and at this price, I'm skeptical, but it does have a one year warranty, so we'll see. Overall = love it!!



This is a good fan for the price. Very powerful on lowest setting haven't even tried the higher ones. I wish it wasn't though. Feels like it's on high and I get cold easy. Mine actually did come with two feet on the bottom with rubber pieces that swivel. It stands nicely w/o tipping over. However I have one question: How do you clean it? There are no screws like a normal fan to take the pieces off the front and back. fyi...


Best white noise

I had an idea of buying a fan because I've had trouble sleeping at night and this fan did its job. I'm a very light sleeper and the noise of this fan is perfect... And it keeps me cool at night. Love it


Great fan!

I was looking for a "cheap" fan that really works and that's what I got with this one. I haven't even moved it off of low, because low is strong enough to cool the whole room! It came fast and was a great value and also goes with my bedroom decor! I would recommend this fan to anyone!