Dream On Me 3" Foam Play Yard Mattress

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Dream On Me 3" Foam Play Yard Mattress
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The Dream On Me 3" Foam Playard Mattress will fit the Fun Sport Play Yard and is designed to create a warm, comfortable and inviting environment for children to play and rest. This portable crib mattress is manufactured in the USA with high-quality materials that will allow you confidence in your child's comfort and safety. It is phthalate- and lead-free, which makes it an ideal resting piece for your play yard. The hypoallergenic crib mattress is also anti-bacterial. There is a waterproof cover that will aid in preventing mold, mildew and odor. The Dream On Me 3" Foam Playard Mattress is simple to clean; when the occasional mess occurs, just wipe and go. It complies with 16-CFR 1633 standards.

Dream On Me 3" Foam Play Yard Mattress:
  • 3 foam portable crib mattress
  • For Cosco Play Yard
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Waterproof cover
  • Wipes clean with mild soap and water
  • Passes all flammability tests (16 CFR 1632) and also passes phthalate, lead and toxicity tests
  • All Dream on Me mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified for a healthy indoor environment for your baby
  • Dimensions: 37.5" L x 25.5" W x 3" H

Dream On Me recommends this mattress to be used with the below listed “Play Yards:”
• Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard #CBV60
• Chicco Lullaby LX Playard # 06079059500070
• Baby Trend Nursery Center Playard # PY81400
• Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Automatic Folding Feet #1801373
• Chicco Lullaby LX Playard # 06079059500070
• Graco Day2Night Sleep System #1907179

• When using this mattress, please make sure it fits tightly in play yard without any gaps between mattress and side walls of the play yard.
• NEVER use this mattress on the top level of Play yard in its bassinet position.
                   o Pillow
                   o Quilts
                   o Comforters
                   o Cushions

**Or any other object that is not intended to be used inside a play yard**

Unknown Customer

wish i would of found this for my first 3 kids

We live in very tiny space. A crib will not fit in my bedroom but since I'm having a c section a pack n play with the bassinet top is what I use, this mattress fits perfectly inside the bassinet part, I have not had any problems with sheets fitting or the sheets causing the mattress to fold any, it lays completely flat and is way softer then the thin pad that comes with the playpen which I did use for my first three kids but added extra blankets to pad it, it is foam so to prevent leaks from cups,bottles,leaky diapers I also got a water proof quilted cover for it! And even with the baby usually only laying on or in one spot of the mattress it still holds its shape and firmness over all the best 40 dollars including shipping my husband and I have spent! It even work really good with a crib wedge for my son tends to spit up a lot!


Great Product!

I purchased this item because my baby spends most of his sleep time in his pack n play. This matress is much better than the pads that come with them for long term sleeping! It is very firm and fits snuggly into the pack n play. I wrapped a twin sized sheet around it, but I believe a mini crib sheet would fit. The normal pack n play ones are too small.


its like sleeping on a cloud

I have used this mattress for over a month now and I am ordering 3 more cause they are that good. I use the mattress in my daycare and the kids love it. I did read in reviews that the play pen sheets do not fit the mattress which is just not the case the sheet fits and its tight and bows a tiny bit however once the child lay on it the sheet stretches and it fits fine. my children so much The mattress fits several different kinds of play pens since I have five play pens all different brands it does fit really well.



Pack n plays or playard are a wonderful thing to have for your little one, but they do not come with much cushion! I felt terrible for laying baby down on such a hard surface, this mattress helps baby sleep so soundly. It is also water resistant so it's so easy to clean up if there is an accident. This mattress size fits a standard graco pack n play. Love it and highly recommend it to any parent that plans on using a playard! Wonder product. Would definitely buy again in the future.


Not for older children

I purchsed this mattress for my daughter's playpen in hopes that it would be softer and more comfortable for her to take her naps on. It is soft but it isn't firm enough. My daughter can stand and it has left bumps and indents in the mattress from her standing on it. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with a child that is mobile. I would have rather spent the extra money for an inner spring mattress. The plastic is also cheap and falls apart quite easily. Overall, not worth the money.