Dream On Me 4" Standard Crib and Toddler Mattress, Foam

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Dream On Me 4" Standard Crib and Toddler Mattress, Foam
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The Dream on Me 4" Full-Size Foam Standard Crib Toddler Mattress is specially designed to be comfortable and sturdy, so your child can get a full night's rest. This White Toddler Full-Size Mattress is flame retardant and anti-bacterial, as well as hypoallergenic, making it a safe, cozy choice of mattress for your young child. Crafted to prevent mold, mildew and odors, this Standard Crib Mattress wipes clean with warm water and mild soap. This Dream on Me 4" Standard Crib Toddler Mattress is also lead and phthalate free and made of quality materials to ensure your child's safety and comfort.


My baby girl loves it

She finally got her own bed, now she let nobody touch hers lol, she always say I love my bed mommy thanks, it has fire protection , just love it


why did you change it?!?

When I purchased this exact same mattress - 9 of them - 6 months ago for around $30 each, I was very pleased. They were water proof (plastic) x stink proof all over - Perfect beds for our Great Danes...as they need to be cleaned weekly x beats dog beds that had to go in the wash. Being Dane beds some needed replaced so, I went to my previous orders x clicked reorder - so I ordered the exact same thing I ordered 6 months ago only to be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED when the new batch arrived. Now they are only waterproof (plastic) x stink proof on the top....the sides x the bottom are something different that A) will allow water in over time x B) hold smell - completely defeats my purpose of a stink free dog bed x I paid more for this batch at $40 a piece.....so I paid more but got less quality than I had 6 months ago...but as a parent of 3 2-legged children there is no way I would want a mattress that is NOT COMPLETELY WATERPROOF.


Crib mattress morph

I purchased this crib mattress because I needed a piece of 4" thick foam for a travel trailer cushion. This mattress is actually 1/4" shy of its advertised thickness: it is 3 & 3/4" not a full 4" thick. I removed the protective plastic cover and cut the foam to size. It is now part of a bed in my small travel trailer. I have slept on it several times, and it is pretty comfortable, standing up to my not-so-baby body weighing 180+ pounds. This was a much less-expensive alternative to purchasing foam at a fabric store, where a narrower piece would have cost 50% more than this.


Good mattress

Seems perfectly serviceable. I bought as dog bed for my 112 pound black lab. Good value and cheaper than the biggest dog bed.


Could be better

The description says 'foam' so I expected soft and comfy. The mattress is VERY stiff. I had to add padding between the mattress and the sheet. Not happy with it at all.