BELLA Cotton Candy Maker, Red & White

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BELLA Cotton Candy Maker, Red & White
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Bring a piece of nostalgia home with the Bella Cotton Candy Maker. It works with granulated sugar, sugar-free and hard candy, and it comes apart for easy cleaning. This hard candy maker includes three plastic cones, a measuring spoon and fun flavor combinations. It features a backlit power switch that's easy to see. The bowl, lid, cones and rotating disk are conveniently safe to run through the dishwasher. It is ideal for use at a birthday party, a holiday or many other special occasions. Spin your favorite delicious cotton candy at home and watch each batch being made with the translucent bowl on top. Use this fun Bella Cotton Candy Maker to entertain kids during school breaks or snow days for a delicious treat without having to leave your house.

Key Features and Benefits:

•Hard cotton candy maker works with granulated sugar, sugar free and hard candy

•Comes apart for easy cleaning

•Backlit power switch

•Electric cotton candy maker

•Includes 3 plastic cones, measuring spoon and fun flavor combinations

•Dishwasher-safe bowl, lid, cones and rotating disk

• Great recipes available at


A great little unit that works quite well.

Make sure you're on a hard level smooth surface. It uses suction cups to keep it from wobbling too much when not perfectly evenly loaded. Heat the unit up for at least five minutes. Use two JR hard candies per use. Cut each JR candy in half, for a total of four pieces. Stop the unit, let it coast to a full stop. Quickly, but evenly, distribute the four pieces (mix and match flavors!) and then let 'er rip! Almost instantly, you get perfect carnival-style cotton candy. I find it best to just keep the cone at a 45 degree angle, place it about half-way into the unit, and rotate the cone in my hand. It makes a great serving of yummy cotton candy! Not at all hard to clean. I'm not sure why so many reviews mention a poor fitting lid. Ours works fine. This is a great little unit, perfect for parties and movie night.


Great Product-Happy Mom

I did my research for cotton candy machines and for the price, age appropriate, and reviews I bought it for Christmas. Easy to clean. Any little hard candy (I used candy canes since it was Christmas) and reg sugar works great. I had blue sugar for cake decor works great even Jolly Ranchers, as suggested. Let it build up a little and roll it up on the stick across the machine instead of sticking it in worked best for me. I never took my eye off my son, who is 8, when making cotton candy. It does get hot, spin fast and can hurt someone who is careless!! GREAT BUY!!


makes really yummy fluffy cotton candy

Good little machine but takes a bit of time. I had 13 kids waiting for some so make in advance if you have a group. There is no sugar included in this one so be aware. I ordered some cartons off amazon plus some paper cones and the sugar worked great. The machine is great for $20 !



Works great and a great price. Only negative would be the bowl. It doesn't securely sit on the machine, so as it begins to spin the bowl wobbles. Not so much that it comes off but enough to create a noise. I had my daughter help me by holding the bowl firmly in place. Cotton candy tastes great! Would definitely recommend.


Works great

Works great, they turned out good and easy to clean. I tried to make them in advance, not the best for that