Brut Classic Scent Splash-On, 7 fl oz

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Brut Classic Scent Splash-On, 7 fl oz
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Freshen up with the classic scent of Brut Splash On (7 oz). It is ideal for evening functions, such as dinners and dates, as well as for daily use. This Brut fragrance has citrus top notes with hints of spicy woods.
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Brut classic special scent splash on lotion

It represents a true to the fact how the Brut brand gives you a mighty good feeling, as soon as you splash it on. The fragrance lasts a long time, and you feel good when in company, people ask you "what are you wearing, it smells so gooood...".


Get noticed

Brings back memories. Summer of 1970. I just gurned 6. My friend was about a year older. He was the youngest child in his family. The oldest child, just turned 18, just graduated high schoo!, justgot drafted to go to Vietnam. Just before he left, he decided to give us advice. He said, "wear Brut and people will notice you". He gave us a bottle because he was going to maintain a low profile over there. We would use it sparingly. A drop on the fingertip was enough. Returned the bottlewhen he came home. Got my own bottle around 1976. Used it spadingly, but got good results. Ag 53, I use a bottle every 12-18moyhs. It still gets me noticed!


Great price for great product.

Gave it as a gift to my hubby. He loves it. Large size and great price.Really good value for good product.I think I'll get some more for my 4 sons..Try it its well worth the price.


Great price for great product.

It smells so nice, and was less expensive then buying it in the store. Why is that?


Brut is actually fairly decent vs. the price.

People tend to give Brut a bad name because Brut's aftershave smells basically just like their cologne but they serve different purposes. One closes your pores while making you smell good, the other just makes you smell good. I say Brut is a very decent cologne for the price and I have paid very good sums of money for colognes that smell awful compared to Brut. In the end I say to each his own, but Brut is a classic that never goes wrong in my opinion. A much, much better price for a cologne that isn't that bad at all. P.S. My advice is save the money she's going to like or hate you regardless of how you smell on the date, as long as it isn't something that you should have obviously taken care of before you picked her up.