BDK Car Floor Mats 4 Pieces Carpet Protection - Universal Fit for Car, SUV, VA & Truck, Front & Rear

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BDK Car Floor Mats 4 Pieces Carpet Protection - Universal Fit for Car, SUV, VA & Truck, Front & Rear
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"BDK Carpeted Floor Mats 4-Piece Mat with Vinyl Heel Pad for Car, SUV, Van and Truck, Universal Fit:Needle-punch carpet with heel pad to ensure your mats last for many yearsHeavy-nibbed backing to keep the mats securely in placeFront: 25"" x 17""Rear: 12"" x 17"""
  • Needle punch carpet w/heel pad to ensure your mats last for many years
  • Heavy nibbed backing to keep the mats securely in place
  • Universal shape to fit most cars, SUVs, trucks and vans
  • Water absorbent heel pad
  • Size: front( 25L x 17W in.) rear(13L x 17W in)


A Good Value at a Good Price

This BDK Carpeted Floor Mats is a 4-Piece Mat set and has a vinyl heel pad for the driver's side; that's a nice feature. It says to be for a Car, SUV, Van and Truck and Universal Fit; however in my opinion they will fit better in a car because they are the smaller size mats. I put them in my small SUV and the driver's side mat fit alright, but the back mat was quite smaller than the mat that came with my SUV (hopefully you can see that in my picture). These are inexpensive mats but I have to admit they have a very nice appearance and feel. The carpet is not extra thick or plush lol as it claims but they have a nib rubber backing which will prevent them from moving around. And they seem to be easy to clean and vacuum. The black color gives them a nice look so if you don't want to spend a lot of money for mats I think these will do the job.


Fits many vehicles and stays in place

I got this set as part of the Spark Reviewer Program. The mats are lightweight and have little rubber feet on the backing, so they won't slide around. I tried them in all our vehicles--a Malibu, an Avenger, and a Corolla. They fit very well in each car and didn't slide. They are waterproof, but they don't have raised edges. If you spill a drink or get a lot of fluid on the top, it could spill over the edge of the mat and wet your vehicle's floor underneath. The only problem I had was loosening the 2 large staples that held the mats together. I had to pry the ends up carefully and take care not to tear holes in the mats while pulling them off the staples. These mats vacuum easily and clean up nicely with a brush and running water. If you want good floor mats, but don't want to pay name-brand prices, these are the mats for you.


Product line has lots of choices

While I received the basic black classic floor mat for review, this BDK line has dozens of choices in colors, styles, and design. Online at Walmart you can scroll through the pages to find exactly what you like at a good value price. There are heavy duty versions and some with designs on them such as camo, frogs, lady bugs, and more. The mats all have waterproof heel pads and two choices of backing, nibbed or interlocked, so they don’t slip around. My sample has the nibbed backing and stays put - that was my primary concern in trying these out. My former mat annoyingly used to slip around on the driver’s side, but this one does not. I put these in my trusty Acura Integra, and they fit perfect.



BDK Carpeted Floor Mats 4-Piece Mat with Vinyl Heel Pad for Car, SUV, Van and Truck, Universal Fit is not so Universal...I was offered and chose these mats to test and review through the SPARK 2.0 program. I do have to say that I was disappointed that they didn't fit my 2004 Honda Civic 4 door sedan too well. As you will see in the attached photo I had to use the Drivers side mat along with the one rear passenger mat just to be able to make it so that there is carpeting under my husbands feet. I really liked the idea of it having the Vinyl Heel Pad but they managed to put it in the middle of the mat which doesn't allow for the "heel" to touch when using the gas pedal. We tend to not sit with our foot on the brake as much because we do a lot of parkway driving therefore it is a less desirable spot for us to have it. Also having to match up the mats they way that we had to poses a problem for me being that I am shorter and pull the seat forward quite a bit more then my husband and the mat gets caught. All around not a Universal Fit...As for the look, texture and quality of these mats it's all there. The Charcoal/Black color is nice, the nap of the carpeting works well to rub the little rocks from beneath your shoes, boots or sneakers and the nubs on the back that hold the mat down to the floor of the cars carpeting works well. These are in my opinion of the midrange weight, not too heavy as to have a problem moving to adjust but heavy enough for sure that once placed they will not move. As for looks, while I really like the color and the texture of the rug they are completely plain without any kind of decoration. I guess that lends to the Universality of the mats. So in all, I kept my original mats in the back passenger areas, I have two mats on either side in the front and I am ok with that. As for a product such as this, and I say this as a person who buys more online then I do in a store, this is one of those things I feel you do need to purchase at Walmart after giving careful consideration to the placement of the vinyl heel  pad and how you Invision these working in your vehicle.  



Wow. for 10.00 - can't beat it. we have a used car that had no mats.. these are worth it!