Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

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Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub
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Experience convenience and relaxation with the Coleman SaluSpa Massage Portable Spa for 4-6 People. With quick and easy setup, it lets you enjoy water temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit with less commitment than a permanent installation. It comes with the SaluSpa-Massage system for added control of the device. The Coleman SaluSpa has a digital control panel that makes setting it up quick and easy. A rapid-heating system ensures you get to your desired temperature while saving power. The water filtration system assures pure and clean water every time you want to jump into this portable inflatable spa. A cushioned floor offers a convenient quick-drain system, and a ground mat keeps water temperatures warm. The leatheroid cover with lock-clips and built-in air chamber provides additional insulation. This Coleman SaluSpa comes with a chemical floater, a heavy-duty repair patch, a repair PVC sheet, glue and a wrench for better management. *This item does not ship to California at this time*
*This item does not ship to California at this time*Coleman SaluSpa Massage Portable Spa for 4-6 People:Inflated Dimensions: 77" x 77" x 28"Water Capacity: 242 GallonsWeight When Filled: 2,103 lbs.Pre-tested pump and pre-tested spa poolInflated walls are made from 3 layers of leatheriod material providing ultimate durability and comfortRelax with these neat features:SaluSpa Massage systemRapid-heating systemIntegrated water filtrationThe Coleman SaluSpa has cushioned floor with convenient quick-drain systemColeman spa's ground mat keeps water temperatures warmLeatheroid cover with lock-clips and built-in air chamber for insulationInflates using the spa's pumpDigitally controlled pump with soft-touch control panelDue to state restrictions this item cannot be shipped to California.The package also includes:Chemical floaterHeavy-duty repair patch/repair PVC sheet/gluePressure GaugeFilter cartridge (VI)WrenchGround matETL approved inflatable spa


Impressive for a portable spa!

At first, I had my doubts that an inflatable structure could function well as a spa. However, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa exceeded my expectations in almost every way. It truly doesn’t take any tools and is ready to fill in minutes! Unlike a traditional spa, this one can be stored away during winter and moved easily if you change residence. Pros • The instructions come in written and video form, and for the most part are useful. (It took me a minute to realize that the buttons are toggles and to deactivate you must press again, this little bit of information was buried in the section on the pump instead of noted in the set up. And it also doesn't mention the ground liner in the written instructions.) • It includes a chemical floater, which is a nice inclusion, but I would have been really happy if it came with a starter chlorine tablet. • The pump functions as the inflator (in this capacity, it is quite noisy, unlike when it is attached to the spa). • The pump also has a built in GFCI, which is a nice feature. • There’s a pressure gauge included to make sure it’s inflated to the proper pressure. • I like the inflatable part of the cover because it floats on the water and is very neat in appearance as well as acts like an insulator while heating. • The inflated spa is a simple cylindrical shape inside and out, and the interior diameter is approximately 60 inches. I have to say that even empty of water, the sides of the spa are very rigid and even my husband could sit on them. There’s no sagging or collapsing. • There are two filters that go on the inside of the spa. They are about the size of a small cantaloupe, and house a filter that you can clean by hosing them off or replacing. • Attaching the pump to the spa, I needed the help of my husband as I wasn’t able to get the fittings tight by hand. But the fittings haven’t leaked or anything. • While heating and filtering, the pump is so quiet!! • While making the Lay-Z Massage bubbles, the noise from the pump is very reasonable – the noise of the water is louder. • There is a soft ring, made from the same material as the spa, around the inside of the spa at the bottom which is where the air is pumped to create the Lay-Z Massage bubbles. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of turbulence it created – there was much more than I anticipated. (Watch the video to see the bubbles in action.) Cons • Keep in mind, when choosing a location for your spa, that it will need a flat surface that can support the weight and an electrical outlet. • During the unboxing, I did need the help of my husband because the deflated spa was heavy for me. • The pump is quite loud while pumping air to inflate. (But don’t worry, when pumping the water or bubbles it isn’t loud at all.) • Because I received my spa in the fall, the weather was chilly. So the concrete was cold and the water from the hose was cold. With these conditions, the heater took several hours to raise the water temperature a few degrees. I let the heater run over night and when I woke up it was at 104. So unfortunately, I don’t have a good idea of how long the heating takes during warmer weather. But once it’s heated, it maintains the temperature well.


Affordable and Portable Spa

Spa was relatively easy to set up although the directions could be improved. There is a DVD setup disk included and looking at the pictures on the box assists with assembly. The spa heated to desired temperature within a day. Attaching the respective connections was also easy to complete.Everything is included except the 1" chlorine tablets which can be bought locally at a pool store or online. Spa is well constructed and feels very durable. The spa is very relaxing and great to use on cool evenings. The controls take a little getting used to but are pretty intuitive once you get the hang of the control panel. If you are looking for a relaxing and comfortable way to unwind, I would recommend you purchasing one of these spas.


If I could give this a 10 star review I would.

Wow! Seriously, wow. This spa is a high quality product. It took about 20 minutes getting it ready to fill. It took a total of 30 minutes to fill, and we have terrible water pressure. Within 20 minutes of turning on the heating unit it was notably warmer. The controls are easy to use and the pump set up is clearly labeled and ready to hook-up. The only thing I had trouble with at all was spreading the pool out after removing it from the box but that is because the material is heavy duty. It didn’t matter anyway, once I connected the pump and started filling the body with air. It filled no problem in minutes. I am still impressed with the fortitude of this material. I decided to set the tub up on my patio slab. There is a pillar behind the tub and when I wasn’t paying attention the tub pushed into a small thin wire that protrudes through the stucco. This would have been a big problem in a lesser tub. The very sharp piece of metal mesh did not penetrate at all. I am over 200 lbs and can sit on the walls no problem. I am also in love with the connections to the pump/heater. There wasn’t a single drop of water leaked and hasn’t been since. I sincerely wish that Coleman made an above ground pool. With this simple, effective design you really can’t go wrong. I didn’t need a single tool or to rig anything to make it work right. I’m impressed. There is a drainage tube off the pump side of the tub. Make sure that before you fill it with water it is near wherever you’d like to drain. I don’t know the weight with water or people but you do need two people to move the box if it’s full. Once you unpack it though the pieces are manageable. Now, I live in Arizona so the coolest it gets here at night is about 35F. If you live in a cooler climate consider putting this indoors. It took about 9 hours for this to warm from 86 degrees to 104 degrees. Not bad if you ask me. However, if it were colder it would be more work and take considerably longer. Make sure to put the bubble pad underneath to insulate from the ground. The maker suggests changing the water weekly or more depending on use. They also recommend changing the filter cartridges weekly depending on use. You need to do this and they aren’t free. Consider the overall cost if you want to use this regularly. The filters cost between $10 and $14 dollars apiece from what I can find. Countering any possible negative you can find here is the simple fact that this tub comes with you wherever you go. Indoor, outdoor, rental or property owner this thing IS going to meet the need. Also you can comfortably sit 4 200 lb. adults in here.


Coleman hot tub

We put our Coleman SaluSpa on our covered deck recently and so far we are happy. It’s a very well built, all in one unit that simply cannot be beat when you compare to other inflatables. This is also larger than others. It is 2inches deeper and a few inches wider than every other one I researched. I believe this tub holds about 45 more gallons of water than others. I read lots of reviews for inflatable hot tubs. I’m glad I chose this one. The walls are sturdy enough to hold 225lbs of dad bod when inflated. The cover has 6 child resistant buckles. Child resistant as in it takes both hands and an occasional cuss word if you have fat fingers, but they are safe. The control panel is easy to use and understand. Wish they offered this on 220v


Spa Tub to Go!

I am a big fan of Spa Tubs, I like them for their therapeutic values and the fact that they can be used year round. But much like pools they can be very expensive to purchase and install, and if you are a renter, it's not even an option for the most part. Here is where the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa comes in, pricewise it is very affordable at $499, and because it is portable, there is no need to involve the expense of an electrician and a plumber. In fact the portability and ease of set up is what makes this such a great deal. The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa lets you enjoy the pleasure of a Spa Tub nearly anywhere. It seats four to six people, but I would recommend keeping it to four adults maximum. The Lay-Z-Spa itself holds 254 gallons of water and weighs 2700 Lbs. full, so if you are going to use it indoors make sure your floor is capable of supporting the weight and keep in mind that at some point it may need to be drained. Setup is quick and easy with the included pump, just plug the pump into regular 110 volt house current and let it inflate, add water and instant Spa Tub. When inflating the Lay Z Spa, you will notice quite a lot of air escaping from where the inflation hose attaches to the pump. This is normal, as this is the same air pump that powers the jets in the Spa. The inflation hose is designed this way to prevent over inflation and damage to the spa. Well instant may be pushing it, but the entire process from un-boxing to ready takes about an hour. Of course the water takes a bit longer to heat up, but in just a few hours you can enjoy your own Spa. An insulated pad for the bottom of the spa to prevent damage and a locking cover is included for both safety and to keep the water warm while saving on power. A soft touch digital control for the pump is included as well as a chemical floater, and filters. The bottom line is if you are looking for a portable Spa Tub, or a Spa Tub on a budget, you can't go wrong with the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa. Follow the directions and setup is quick and easy, in a few hours the water is hot and you are ready to kick back and enjoy a Spa at a bargain price.