Ozark Trail 10-Pack, 3-LED Caplight for Camping and Outdoor Use

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Ozark Trail 10-Pack, 3-LED Caplight for Camping and Outdoor Use
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This is the ideal value pack for camping and outdoor activities. It comes in various colors and uses LED bulbs so you can see without using a lot of energy. Don't worry about breaking these lights either since they are made of an impact-resistant construction. Go out on the trail and have some fun with these lights.

Ozark Trail 10-Pack, 3-LED Caplight for Camping and Outdoor Use:
  • Outdoor LED light comes in a 10-pack of 3-LED caplights
  • Contains: four pieces in cool gray, two pieces in pink, two pieces in red and two pieces in blue
  • Caplight ANSI FL1 tested
  • 20-lumen output
  • 4 hours of run time
  • 6m beam distance
  • Impact-resistant construction
  • 3 super bright LEDs per light
  • Low-power-consumption LED bulbs
  • Easy on/off button
  • Each headlamp requires two CR2032 batteries (included)
  • Various color value pack for camping and outdoor activities



Bright, light weight, easy to use in many areas. Clip them on the pets leash when they go out at night. Kids clip them onto their bike basket. Clip does not ope too far so don't expect a wide range. Best to slip on a belt, leash, paperwork, side curtain or anything not too wide. As I noted, simply fantastic to clip onto leash when walking dogs at night. The other Ozark LED, also 10 for 10, adjusts to fit your sleeve, dogs collar, pant leg, bike. For those who let their dogs loose to walk at night the adjustable elastic make a super safe collar.



Sturdy, economical, bright, variety of colors, great buy for group camping, good stocking stuffer, handy in car, keep one with all different activity gear: camping, geocaching, fishing, hunting, walk/run.


Best light you'll ever buy

I put these on my klx 110 (dirt bike) front fender....they fit tight on there so they won't fall off....its great if you need to go home and its kinda dark.....as long as you don't get them wet lol


Camping trip

Great deal for the money



Good deal for the price.