Kids 18-Piece Tool Set with Blue Toolbox


Kids 18-Piece Tool Set with Blue Toolbox
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Kids love to build things alongside parents. This kids tool set with blue toolbox allows kids to learn in playing. With this tool kit, you can spend quality time at home with your children to learn some birdhouse fun facts, you and your kids will be in for hours of fun! The blow-molded tool case will help keep tools neatly in order. It's good time for kids to be an engineer!

Kids 18-Piece Tool Set with Blue Toolbox:
  • Includes:
    • 4 oz claw hammer
    • 0.25" x 1.5" slotted screwdriver
    • #2 x 1.5" Phillips screwdriver
    • 5' tape measure
    • Pencil sharpener
    • 10" ruler
    • 6" tri square
    • 3-piece pencils
    • 5" long nose pliers
    • 4-piece 0.75" Clamps
    • Apron
    • Kids toy tool box with safety goggles
    • Tool box
    • Gloves
    • Birdhouse
  • Learn some birdhouse fun facts


Great for kids

My grandkids love to work with PopPop in the garage. This was perfect for them, they love having their own set of real tools for their small hands


Good tools...unintentionally good birdhouse

The tools are great. Well made, all metal and good for kids. The birdhouse project leaves a bit to be desired...IF you only want to build a birdhouse. None of the pieces matched. The front and back were different sizes. The two side panels were different sizes....the bottom panel didn't fit any configuration...the roof panels were beveled on the wrong side. You might think this is just shoddy work, but I concluded this was an ingenious effort to teach kids a life lesson.


He loved it.

Bought this for a great grandson who loves to play with his daddy's tools. He loved it. Now he has his own and actually knows what to do with them.


Great toolkit for 6 year old!

I was very satisfied with this purchase. I bought it as a birthday gift for my six-year-old grandson, and he loved it! They are real metal tools that are perfect for his size hands.


Great little starter kit for any handy helper!

We got two of these toolbox kits; they were Christmas gifts for both my son and nephew, both 5 years old. Since then they have been more interested in doing projects (both the kits that we bought with the tool boxes AND the random things we do around the house) than they have been in their video games! Fantastic bonding time with both boys and great way to get their eyes off the screens for a while. We are very pleased with the durability of the products and the size of the tools and accessories. This set is perfect for little hands. :)