Ozark Trail 14-In-1 Multi-Tool

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Ozark Trail 14-In-1 Multi-Tool
MSRP : $9.97

Sale : $3.87
Sold & shipped by Walmart
" This Ozark Trail 12-in-1 Multi Tool has everything you could need in a pinch, including standard pliers, long nose pliers and a wire cutter. Its three different screwdrivers, knife, bottle opener and can opener help you stay prepared for a number of different situations. This hunting multi tool comes in different colors."

Ozark Trail 14-in-1 Multi-Tool:
  • Bonus sheath included with this Ozark Trail multi-tool
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Standard pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Fish scaler
  • Hook remover
  • File
  • Saw
  • Medium slotted screwdriver
  • Small slotted screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Awl


Great price - not sure it is worth it

It's pretty amazing they can sell this complex tool for less than $4 but it has some limitations. The pliers work well and are spring-loaded. And it comes with a nice carrying case. But it seems like most of the edges have not had much, if any, machining to finish them. For example, the knife blade is so dull I can run it across my finger with some pressure without cutting. Same with the serrated blade. And the small screwdriver blade tips are so rounded they likely will be useless in a screw head. The multitool boasts of some 14 different tools but most of them will not be useful. This might be good as a gift to a young man as a first tool like this so he won't hurt himself. But I wouldn't count on it in an emergency car kit or camping backpack.


How to get an $80 tool for less than $4

For less than $4 you can not go wrong! It's a little stiff when opening and closing but a few overnight soaks with spray penetrating oil solves the problem. The knife blade and saw blade aren't razor sharp but a few minutes with a sharpening steel solves that problem. The screwdrivers are a little rounded but a few minutes with a file solves that dilemma. All-in-all, I now have an $80 Leatherman tool for less than $4 plus about 20 minutes worth of work. I will probably get two more and put one in each vehicle.


A good product

I bought this product over many other because of its price and overall quality. I was not disappointed


Good for car, fair for camping.

Nice pliers and spring loaded. Makes for a good tool around a car. It is heavy. Small phillips head has limited use. No scissors. At this amazing price it is a great item to get and keep in your car. It is a full sized tool.



bought these as stocking stuffers. seems pretty sturdy, great buy for the price