Ematic CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio and Speakerphone

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Ematic CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio and Speakerphone
MSRP : $82.38

Sale : $31.72
Sold & shipped by Walmart
The Ematic EBB9224 CD Boombox with Bluetooth Audio and Speakerphone lets you enjoy great sound from CDs, your smartphone or the radio whenever and wherever. Connect your phone, computer or other Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music. The built-in microphone lets you take calls from anywhere in a room. The line-in function lets you enjoy full-quality sound even on your devices without Bluetooth. The built-in carrying handle and portable design makes this speaker perfect for the on-the-go user.

Ematic CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio and Speakerphone:
  • 30'-plus Bluetooth range depending on environment
  • Answer calls and functions as a speakerphone
  • Enjoy movies and games from your laptop, tablet or smartphone loud and clear
  • Line-in for use with devices without Bluetooth
  • Line-out for earphones or connect to a larger stereo system
  • CD, CD-R and CD-RW player
  • AM/FM radio
  • Carrying handle
  • Telescoping antenna
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Can be powered by 6 x C batteries (not included)
  • In the Box: power cord, owner's manual


Ematic boom box. It’s half the size you expect

Comes with single CD player, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth and auxiliary inlet plus headphone outlet. The speakers are not the greatest, but for the price they’re OK.


A nice little unit!!

Very nice sound for an inexpensive unit. I use the CD function often. Not the sound of a Bose Wave unit, of course, but very good sound. I also use the a.m. radio, and it's picking up my favorite stations well. I like the rich red color with black contrast, too. Am very pleased. I enjoy Walmart.com where I pick up at the store, no shipping charge.


Awesome compact boombox

I absolutely love compact size and great sound. Red/black color is gorgeous. Radio reception great. Bluetooth is awesome. Big enough to play cds. Power switch is in back of boombox... alittle awkward at first... but with a little practice I can now turn on and off without picking it up. Definitely a keeper.


Whish the cord was built in not removeable!

I bought 2 of these cd/radios for my kids. The sound is good and the cd player works great but the cord you have to move it around to get it to power on and if you touch the cord sometimes the power goes off. I just wish the cord was in there better because it would work better. FYI the cord is removeable.


Over-sized Clock Radio Minus the Clock

This product is more like a slightly over-sized bedside clock radio minus the clock. It is small and may be ok for some people as a personal close by sound system, but a boombox it is not. The fidelity quality of the speakers is poor and more like they are tin cans than spkrs. The radio tuning, function selector, and volume controls are very inconvenient because they are on the back of the box requiring the user to pick up the box, rotate it back to front, to see those controls. The volume of the radio is totally louder than the CD player at any given volume setting and you can't raise the volume control any higher for CDs to be loud enough or match the radio volume or to resemble what this appliance is called...a BOOMBOX !!! The CD lid is very touchy to get closed and thus another nuisance. The audio volume level of the earphone jack has been limited to protect the user's ears so it is useless as an output to attach external speakers to get better fidelity or volume. There is no other audio output for better sound via external speakers. The title "Boombox" should be dropped from the description. Too much marketing hype, not enough engineering or quality design and components. Likely typical of a device at this price point. Probably gonna need to spend a minimum closer to $100 for some audio quality and volume. It was returned two days after picking it up.