Primo Bottom Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser, Black

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Primo Bottom Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser, Black
MSRP : $185.78

Sale : $150
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The Primo Bottom-Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser provides quick and convenient refreshments for a home or workplace. The design makes it easier to insert new water jugs, eliminating heavy lifting and spills. This Primo hot/cold water dispenser has two spouts and stainless-steel tanks. One is for hot water, useful for making tea or hot cocoa, while the other is for cold, refreshing drinking water. Indicator lights let you know when the unit is heating or cooling water and when the water bottle needs to be replaced. The bottom-loading water dispenser also has a child safety latch that keeps kids from opening the compartment. This unit has fast-flowing spouts and it uses a 2.0 compressor cooling system. It also has a stainless-steel drip tray with float.


Not happy

Purchased this item and it came with a big scratch right in the front. Was hoping to remedy it without returning because we really need the item.


Nice Unit

I've only had the product for (1) but I love it so far. I selected this unit because the top loader units are too top heavy and my pets might knock them over. I like that you can shutoff the hot & cold tanks individually. I like the drip container has a full indicator. I absolutely the color because it fits the decor' in my kitchen.


Excellent product

Thankful for this. Love how easy it is to change the bottle. Hot water comes out very hot for tea soup etc. very cold water and cool water and no guessing if bottle is empty because of the red warning light


Excellent product

Just bought this yesterday and it works perfectly the only flaws I see is that the little door doesn’t shut tight enough so I had to use some Velcro. Other then that I would recommend this dispenser.


Brains over Braun

It is amazing how many people would try to save a few dollars when purchasing a water cooling system for their home and purchase the old fashioned top loading dispenser! Primo bottom loading water coolers are fantastic! Nothing could be easier when having to change out a very heavy 5 gallon water bottle, not to mention the spillage caused when changing the bottles out when you own a top loader! We now own two Primo dispensers and purchased them after firing Sparkletts! As we get older and weaker, if you purchased a top loading water dispenser, your back will pay the price for trying to save a few dollars! The way I look at purchases of this sort, I always look to the future, and realize that even if it costs more now, you only have to pay for it once, and in the long run you are dollars ahead, by saving the wear and tear on your body! I take my hat off to those bottom loading Primo purchasers that have the foresight and common sense to put their health and welfare ahead of being basically cheap!