Silhouette Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper 8.5"x11", 2pk

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Silhouette Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper 8.5"x11", 2pk
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Make your own temporary tattoos from your favorite print and cut designs! Simply print designs onto this unique paper with an inkjet printer.

Silhouette Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper 8.5" x 11", 2-pack:
  • Design your own icons to match your special celebration
  • Printable tattoo paper is easy to apply and remove
  • Typically lasts a day or 2


Temporary terrible tattoo paper

I tried to use it several times and it just slid off they didn't stick, the top peace slid off and the tattoo was just there it did not adhere to what I was using it for


Work Good

There is only 2 sheets but they work fine and last about 4 days. Nothing to complain about.


Work Good

Works perfect. I don’t have a silhouette machine so I used my printer and good old fashioned pair of scissors. The tattoos turned out great! They don’t stay on long, 24-48 hours, depending on the individual. My daughter had one on her wrist, she also washed her hands throughout the day and took a shower, which I’m sure is why it only stayed fully on for a day before it started rubbing off.


image to wood craft project

I was working on a craft project and needed to transfer an image to a wooden surface and had tried various "pinterest" methods without 100% satisfaction. I tried using this temporary tatoo paper and it worked like a dream! The image was crisp and went onto the wood easily. I am very happy with this product and will definately used it again!



This was my first time to make printable tattoos. I had problems with the printed images smearing some. The first part of the page printed perfect! Then some in the middle smeared a little, and the last few had some blank spots that didn't fill in completely. They were still usable and fun!! Be sure to run an extra paper through the printer after you are done to "clean" the residual print off that didn't print onto the last bit of tattoos.