Mainstays, 4 Element, Infrared Electric Cabinet Space Heater, Black

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Mainstays, 4 Element, Infrared Electric Cabinet Space Heater, Black
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Stay warm as temperatures drop with the Quartz Infrared Cabinet Heater. This powerful heater warms rooms quickly, with an air filter so you can breathe easy. The quartz infrared heater has an impressive heat output of 5200 BTU/h that can heat a room up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 12 hour timer for extended use. The unit is crafted for safe use, with an overheating safety shut off, as well as an energy-saving auto mode. The 1500W heater is easy to operate, with an LED digital display and a remote control. Caster wheels make it easy to move the unit from room to room as needed. It plugs into a conventional 120V, three-prong outlet for effortless use.

Mainstays 4 Element Infrared Plastic Cabinet Heater, Black:
  • Safety feature
    • Tip-over safety switch
    • Overheat safety shut off
    • Cool touch exterior
  • Controls/setting
    • Thermostat control
    • Tilt LED display for easy reading
    • 12 hour programmable timer
    • Remote control (2 AAA bateries sold seperately)
  • 3 heat settings: ECO/750/1500W
  • Heat output: 5118 BTU/h
  • 4 infrared quartz elements
  • Safe heat without reducing humidity
  • Fully assembled ready to heat
  • Caster wheels for easy portability washable lifetime filter



I absolutely love this heater. I was comparing several, this one was smaller and cheaper than the others, but it's features sold me. First it can be child locked. I have it in my room that I share with a 3yr old! I can't tell ya how important that feature is. Also after it's done heating, it continues to blow air. I think maybe it's cooling it's elements. Either way, it cools it's self down after each heating. Awesome. Also I think it regulates the room temp very well. I have it in 13×20ft room, that is cut off from the house heat, and it seems to keep it at a steady temp. I haven't had it through our cold winter's yet, but honestly if it broke, I'd buy another, for the features alone. I feel I can leave my house with it on. Not that I'm recommending that.


Must buy before winter starts. ( Kid safe )

Just bought this today for my dauthers room ( 2 year old ) her room is 15' x 15' ( 300sqft ) and in a matter of 5 min her room was the exact temperature it said so on the heater. It was warm and comfortable her room is normally 68 to 70° but this made it to 80° quick and safe. The heater doesn't get hot to the touch and is super safe for curious kids. I bought 2 for each of our rooms to have one. At night it reaches 55° outside as of now so this is perfect! Recommend it for anyone that wants to stock up now before the cold comes.


Excellent heating, but too many faults to keep it.

This little heater does a great job of heating my room which is about 215 sq ft, but I ultimately had to exchange it for something else because its faults were too much to overcome. I really like the timer option, especially that the timer could be set so that the unit turns on after a set number of hours. Perfect for waking up to a nice and cozy, warm room. I also like that the temperature can be adjusted and that the unit will cycle on and off to maintain the desired temperature. But there were things about this heater that I just couldn't get over, so I exchanged it for a different type. First, it was much noisier than I would have liked. I'm fine with the normal "white-noise" that you would expect from a unit like this, but there was always a rattling sound along with it, and it made it difficult to use while watching tv or trying to sleep. Also, the display lights are VERY bright. Again, making it difficult to use while sleeping. Every time you push a button on the remote or directly on the unit it makes a beeping sound, which is find, but this particular unit's beep is VERY loud. The most annoying disappointment of this heater though, is that the volume button on my tv remote cycles the unit on and off. I had read about this problem in other reviews, and was hoping that I would get lucky, but I didn't. I thought I could live with it, but it's just too disruptive for me to deal with. Again, this unit does a great job of heating a space, but with all of its other flaws I decided to exchange it for something else and I am much happier with that other product. If you don't care about the noise or the brightness, this would make an excellent heater for maybe a small garage or workspace or something like that. But if you plan on using a heater in a room that you live and sleep in I would recommend something else.


Outperformed All of My Expectations!

I just made a spontaneous purchase of this little heater, and all I could say, after reading some of the negative reviews, Really? This heater, for a mere 67 bucks was the perfect most comfortable heater I have ever bought. Unlike the many ceramic heaters out there, this by far is an outstanding little unit that has out performed any of my expectations of this unit's performance. I have a small Condo, and my front rooms has very large windows which are great at leaking warm and cold air, so I thought by having this unit near the windows, it just might reduce the chill I have been feeling the last few days here in very cold New York. I am currently sweating, it radiates so much heat, I can feel radiated heat all the way into my main corridors of the entrance to the Condo, which is about 700 feet from the front windows, and still can feel heat from this unit into the bedrooms, which are almost 1000 feet from where it is situated now. I highly recommend this unit for anyone who needs to feel comfortable in a small 750 - 1000 SQ Foot Apartment or Condo, or for heating two to three regularly sized rooms. It does NOT make any noise whatsoever, very easy to maintain, has a life long filter which needs to be cleaned every month or so, and it is Plug and Play, so amazingly easy to operate, cool to touch on the outside. Please, you will not regret spending a mere 70 bucks or so, and you will be amazingly warm, happy and cozy! Happy Holidays! (Notice the temperature settings are at 66 F, I cannot set it much higher, I would be sweating!)


Good unit, with flaws

This is a good heater, but it has two notable flaws. 1. When you turn the unit on from an un-powered state, the temperature setting defaults to 86 degrees. Not a likely or useful temperature setting. 2. The lowest possible setting on the unit is 59 degrees. Not really low enough if you're idling a small mostly-unoccupied space. I'd prefer the option to go to hold a room, cabin, garage, etc. at 50 degrees or lower. Otherwise, this is a great unit, especially for the money. Small, light, easy to operate, easy to read controls, remote control, casters. Heats well. Other notables: the fan is pretty noisy, and the controls beep loudly with each button press.