Google Chromecast Ultra

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Google Chromecast Ultra
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Stream up to 4K Ultra HD & HDR picture quality over your WiFi network with Chromecast Ultra, a streaming device that plugs into your TV?s HDMI port. Chromecast Ultra provides fast, reliable performance with minimal buffering and smoother streaming. Use your iPhone?, iPad?, Android device, or laptop to stream thousands of Cast-enabled apps.
Google Chromecast Ultra


Good for Netflix and Youtube, but not Amazon

The Chromecast was really easy to set up, and worked just fine. It was up and running in just a few minutes. You need the google home app to control it from your iphone or whatever, didn't see any remotes that would work with it. Control is pretty easy from the app. I would give this 5 stars, but it doesn't work natively with Amazon Prime video. You have to download the chrome browser (to your iphone or pc), open Amazon Prime video in the browser, and then cast the video stream to your tv/chromecast. Too much work and gave low quality video. I know google could make this work with Amazon if they wanted to, but they do everything they can to lock you into google content. So minus two stars for this.


Good for Netflix and Youtube, but not Amazon

Great device, works well with google browser, and all apps capable of casting. I Recommend the Chromecast Ultra device.


Great video quality, simple setup

I purchased the Google Chromecast Ultra on Sunday after searching everywhere for an Amazon Fire TV. This device provides excellent video quality and is very easy to setup. My only complaint is that it does not have an on-screen menu like other streaming devices, so you have to stream from individual apps using the Cast feature. Your phone, tablet, or computer serves as your remote for selecting content. Some apps, such as DIRECTVNow do not support Casting from Apple iOS as of yet, so unless you happen to have a secondary Android device, you will not be able to use that service until support is added. Overall, there are quite a few apps that you can use to stream from an iOS device, just make sure the ones that are important to you support the cast feature, otherwise you might end up frustrated. Overall, I am pleased with the quality, but I miss having a central on-screen menu/guide where everyone can see what's available for streaming. If an on-screen menu/guide is what you want, this may not be the right device for you. Hope this review is helpful! Happy cord cutting!


Very Pleased!!

The pictures are crisp in Ultra HD, with my Sony Bravia Smart TV. It cast almost instantly without hesitation. I use my Google Pixel 2 XL to cast mostly. Very easy to use! Even better with the Google Home devices. I highly recommended getting the Chromecast Ultra over the regular Chromecast it has more features. You can use an Ethernet connection as well as the WiFi. No issues with initial connection, make sure you plug the power cord into the Chromecast Ultra, not just plugging it in to your TV. It works well with many apps including TV, Movies, and Music.



Ease of installation. No more cords. Casting is a freeing experience.