Night Owl 8-Channel Security Camera System, 720P AHD DVR, 4 indoor/outdoor HD 720p bullet cameras (Model WM-8HD10L-4720)

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Night Owl 8-Channel Security Camera System, 720P AHD DVR, 4 indoor/outdoor HD 720p bullet cameras (Model WM-8HD10L-4720)
MSRP : $279

Sale : $232.54
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Modern high-definition technology is amazing for movies and sports and now, it's even better for video security! The latest in cutting-edge HD technology has greatly impacted the video surveillance market. Customers continue to demand more enhanced image quality for use in applications where showcasing movement and identifying objects are vital. Nothing is more precious than your family, your home, your business and your peace of mind. Clearer HD images and video greatly enhance the recognition of intricate details such as license plate numbers and distinct facial features. With the introduction of HD resolution in security cameras, clearer and sharper images have become the new standard.
  • 8-Channel 720P AHD DVR with pre-installed 1 TB hard drive 4 x indoor/outdoor HD 720p bullet cameras 
  • 70° Wide-viewing-angle cameras with night vision up to 100' 
  • Expandable system - Compatible with both 720p & 1080p HD Analog Cameras 
  • No re-wiring required, use your existing analog cables 
  • Compatible with both Night Owl HD analog and industry-standard analog BNC cameras 
  • View and playback footage directly from your smart device 
  • Easy setup 
  • No monthly fees
  • 24/7 Technical Support, Available 365 Days a Year - At Night Owl, our goal is to provide an incomparable experience for any technical support required. We provide more assistance than any other security brand by offering tri-lingual (English, Spanish and French) 24/7 phone support, 365 days a year


Looks nice, wish I could use it.

3 of the 4 cables were cut, wrong power supply was also sent with the unit. After 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Night Owls customer service they agreed to send the correct parts. I may get this hooked up and use it one day.


Night owl security system DVR

Mine worked for 16 days, no store return after 15 days, one Chanel fried inside this super cheap DVR. So now I have a $ 250 pile of garbage . Night owl warranty is a joke and no one ever answers the phone. So save yourself a lot of anguish and buy another system.


Somebody's watching !!!!

Love this security system! I can see who comes into my yard when I'm away. Our shed has been broken into before, and although we knew who was responsible, we had no proof. Now we will have a record of any malfeasance that occurs. So we'll get 'em next time! Just having the system will probably deter the thieves. The DVR is easy to work and the picture is clear and sharp. Bonus: I can see what my cat is up to when I'm gone. Spoiler alert: he sleeps all day in the sun. But the camera loves him! The system also alerted us to the fact that there is a giant moth that flies around our living room while we sleep. Entertainment feature: spiders appear to be Godzilla-sized when they crawl onto the camera lens. It's a hoot! I highly recommend this system! Caution: no more going to the kitchen for a drink of water when naked in the middle of the night! Just in case you ever have to turn in the DVR for evidence. :)


Pure junk

Do not waste your money on this product. Cameras are ok but phone and PC app are pure junk. Set up for motion detection with notifications on phone and got motion notifications every three seconds with no motion on cams , downloaded Manual and followed the set up procedure . Set motion on minimum setting and still got motion detected every three seconds. Had to turn off notifications. Video recorded of motion shows nothing moving , does not even pick up my neighbors car going up or down the shared roadway that goes by my house , but has 740 videos most of which are blank screens in just one month. Customer support is useless as they have no idea and all the support is doing is reading out of the manual anyway ( yes customer support is not in the US ) so now I have a security cam system on my second home 250 miles away from my main house that does not alarm for motion , does not record motion and all I have is access to view the cams in the app on my phone if I open the app. Downloaded the PC version on my computer, worked once and then stopped working period . This company should be ashamed of taking people’s money for such an inferior product. Pure junk plain and simple . Going to remove this system and replace it with another . Money and time list just to toss this system in the trash


Good cameras, good night vision, some issues

I bought this on black friday for about $190. For that price I could not pass up a 4 camera security system. Hooking up the system had no issues other then the difficulty of running the camera wires through my attic. But that has nothing to do with the actual system. I have played with some of the settings and I can definitely say there are plenty of options but you will need to experiment with it to figure things out. The recording works very well, the motion sensitive works very well but is very sensitive. You will definitely need to turn it down else you will be getting 100+ notifications on your phone a day. Setting up and connecting to the internet/phones is simple. The night vision is where this camera system really shines in my opinion. It is pitch black and I can see clearly at least 20ft away which is just about the length of my driveway and walkway to my front door. The only issue I have had with this system is that the AC adapter (power cord) is faulty and makes a fairly loud screeching noise in sync with the hard drive in the DVR. It is loud enough that after 5 minutes of having it plugged in I used a different AC adapter. Unfortunately the only other one I had that worked does not output enough juice to power the hard drive and the DVR. I am going to call tech support and request a new one.