Snow Joe MELT Premium Environmentally-Friendly Blend Ice Melter w/ CMA, 50 lb. Resealable Bag

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Snow Joe MELT Premium Environmentally-Friendly Blend Ice Melter w/ CMA, 50 lb. Resealable Bag
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The Snow Joe MELT Resealable Bag Premium Enviro-Blend Snow and Ice Melter with CMA provides a greener, yet equally effective, deicing alternative to more thawing agents. When used as directed, MELT enviro-blend will not harm grass, wood, concrete, metals or other vegetation and is safer for pets, children and the environment. Enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate), an environmentally benign deicing agent, MELT enviro-blend ice melter delivers fast and effective results without damaging metal surfaces, such as the exteriors of cars, trucks and other equipment. This pet-friendly ice melter in a 50 lb bag goes to work immediately upon contact with snow and ice to accelerate the deicing and thawing process. Pre-treating surfaces with MELT enviro-blend will also prevent ice and snow from accumulating. This MELT50EB magnesium chloride ice melter stays on the surface area longer for added protection and better control of the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Eco-, pet- and kid-friendly
  • Enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) for fast and effective results 
  • Color-coated crystals help to visually measure and dispense the right amount
  • Convenient resealable bag for easy storage and extended shelf-life
  • Long lasting, time-relaxed formula provides superior traction control
  • Will not harm grass, wood, concrete, metals, or other vegetation
  • Net weight: 50 lbs


Pick it up yourself at store

Product is great works well. Tracking sucks delivered one pkg. and tracking says both delivered. Got other bag next day


It DOES damage your concrete!!

I used this product after an ice storm in Jan 2017 to my 2+ year old concrete driveway and steps. They are all ruined!! And 8 months later, the concrete is STILL coming off in strips. And although the company CLAIMS it won't damage your concrete, it does! But when you look on the back of the bag, they state that their ONLY liability is limited to the cost of the product if damage occurs. So they KNOW damage will occur, but you are stuck with THOUSANDS of dollars of damage to repair. I would NEVER use this product again. YOU are the one who is taking the big risk of damage to your concrete--not Snow Joe!


Great Product

Bought this last year. Great Product for getting rid of ICE. I have 2 low spots in side walk when melted snow collects then turns to ice.. This gets rid of that problem.


Bye Bye Ice!!

This product does exactly what it promises to do and that's getting rid of ice quickly and safely..A little bit of product goes a long way and I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase..


Works fast!

I bought this on the premise that you could spread it prior to snow. It does as promised and helps to reduce the amount of snow accumulation. It also stays active even after the snow/ice melts.