Mainstay Sandgrabber

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Mainstay Sandgrabber
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The Mainstay Sandgrabber stops blow-away beach umbrellas and ends the struggle of inserting your beach umbrella into the sand.

Mainstay Sandgrabber:

  • Stops blow-away beach umbrellas
  • Ends the struggle of inserting your beach umbrella into the sand


Works great! Highly recommend!

I bought a plastic anchor because it had such good reviews. It broke within the first 10 minutes. I made an emergency run to Walmart and they saved the day with this high quality anchor!! I will never buy a plastic anchor again. In fact, I think this anchor will last me the rest of my life if it doesn't get lost or stolen by a jealous beach goer LOL!! It really is that good and the price is awesome! It was very quick and easy to get into the sand. For reference, I used this anchor with a 4lb beach umbrella that is 7' tall with a 6' umbrella arc and an aluminium pole 1.25" in diameter


Great sandgrabber!

Sandgrabber is made of metal so it is very sturdy and strong....had to finally replace one that I have had for about 15 years or so and was exactly the same. Tried another type of sandgrabber made of plastic and it was awful.


It really does work

I was surprised when I received the Sandgrabber - it was smaller than I expected and I questioned whether something that small would work. But the size turned out to be a good thing since its easy to carry around. And it really does work well. Very sturdy once its in the sand and a great price. It locked the umbrella into place against a constant wind coming off the ocean all day long. I definitely recommend it.


Excellent product, excellent price!

This is our second time buying this umbrella holder, our first one was misplaced. We absolutely love it! Very easy to use, even in a grassy field it goes into the ground quickly and with little effort. I've also used it in loose sand at the beach in very windy conditions, and it's never come loose. Walmart sells it for the lowest price that I've found, great value!


Not made well anymore!

I purchase these ten at a time for use at a resort. They used to last 6 month to a year before they'd rust out. Now (in the last few months) the ones I purchased are bending at the screw and the handle - as if they weren't welded properly. Can't be fixed - just a waste of money! I really loved this product but the supplier has changed the quality! Don't even bother unless you need it for only a couple of days.