Motorola 3.5mm Aux Auxiliary Cable SKN6393A - 5 Feet - 4 Pack (Cables)

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Motorola 3.5mm Aux Auxiliary Cable SKN6393A - 5 Feet - 4 Pack (Cables)
MSRP : $39.99

Sale : $9.99
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This 3.5mm stereo Male to Male Audio Cable comes with a slim profile head. Perfect for use with phones or other mobile devices with cases where space around the headphone jack is limited.

Key Features:

  • Connect your mobile devices easily to a stereo system with this Motorola 5 Foot 3.5mm Auxiliary cable
  • One Angled plug and one straight plug
  • Includes 4 cables


Good price for some cheap audio cables...

For the price ($4.99 when I purchased them), these are decent replacement cables. They sound fine. I'm not an audiophile, so I cannot comment on the exact fidelity of the sound it produces. But, they work, and they work well. I currently use them in my car, from my mobile phone to the car's audio jacks. No branding is anywhere on the cables, so cannot comment on whether these are truly Motorola or not. Another test will be after using this product for an extended period of time. My previous audio cables that I was using (cheap as they may be), began wigging out on me after about a year or so. The sound became messed up, and I had to generally twist the cable to get the sound correctly. Hopefully, these will not do that. And, heck, its a 4-pack, so if one goes bad I can move on to the next one.


Not real Motorola aux

No Motorola branding anywhere. Quality is mediocre. Still had to twist and turn to get the sound to come out of both speakers


Handy to have around but not "Motorola" quality.

A package of 4 audio cable for less than a buck each. I bought them to shove in cars and have handy as spares. Quality is just "ok". The connectors are unplated and the wires seem thin. Ordinarily, I would rate these as 2-star (fair) but the low price earns them a dollar-store "average" rating.


Simple and functional.

You can't find much about negative side. It's simple and it's working. Quite cheap too.


Worth the money

It's only $1 per cable and good quality, especially I like the bent pin at one end.