Boss Audio CH6520 6.5" 2-Way Chaos Extreme 250 Watt Car Speakers (Pair of Speakers)

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Boss Audio CH6520 6.5" 2-Way Chaos Extreme 250 Watt Car Speakers (Pair of Speakers)
MSRP : $19.46

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The Boss Audio Audio CH6520 CHAOS EXTREME 2-Way Car Speakers will deliver a powerful sound quality with ideal frequency response range and sound pressure levels. These audio devices include two speakers and two grills, giving you what you need to have your music system sound the way you want it to. The 250 watt Boss car speakers have a magnet structure of 30 oz. They are designed to fit almost any application and budget, providing style and durability that you can rely on. This pair of 6.5" car speakers is built with kapton voice, coil formers and butyl rubber surrounds for your convenience. They provide superior power and ideal sound detail so you'll enjoy your investment for years to come.


UPC : 791489104906 - Boss Audio CH6520 6.5" 2-Way Chaos Extreme 250 Watt Car Speakers (Pair of Speakers) -

these are very loud, and my (weak) 100 watt amp isn't even making them warm at all. you probably want a subwoofer to go with these if you want to FEEL your bass ( but you can definitely hear it with just these) and an equalizer since the tweeter is a bit too strong to go with these speakers but they are very clear and super cheap, come with install kit, overall they are worth it. by the way, if you want something visually subtle, these aren't that, they are a bright sparkly red like a car paint with shiny tweeters


Low price but sounds nice.

Performs much better than I thought they would, considering the price. These speakers are replacing original equipment in my Pontiac G5. Both door speakers were blown. Easy install.


Awesome for the price!

I bought 2 pairs as replacements for my 1999 Dodge Durango. The truck has the factory INFINITY sound system with a built in secondary amp but the OEM speakers were completely shot. I read reviews here that were favorable, and the price can't be beat so I gave it a shot. These sound REALLY good in my truck at any volume. I am 46, male, listen to old school rock music, at not too loud volume most of the time. First test was Joe Walsh "Rocky Mountain Way" on CD. I started low volume, and then gradually increased...then cranked it. Sounds great across the board! I am extremely satisfied with these. I wouldn't plan on using the speaker wires that come with them though (I didn't). They are as thin as dental floss and I wouldn't waste my time with them.


They work great for $17

I actually just received the speakers today, took a quick look at them and then went out and put them in my car (2006 Chevy Cobalt). They were easy to install, had to splice some wires but its all good. I had to drive holes (this is easy with a drill and a bit) for them too because factory speakers in a Cobalt only have one hole for a screw. I then turned the radio on and the speakers came to life, they sound great. But they don't have much bass, so if thats what your looking for, this isnt it. But I plan on replacing the back speakers with Kickers so its all good. Great value! They work great.


They work great for $17

Good sounding replacement speakers for a 2001 chevy truck. Great value for little money.