SmartyKat® Skitter Critters™ Mice, Set of 3 Catnip Cat Toys

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SmartyKat® Skitter Critters™ Mice, Set of 3 Catnip Cat Toys
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SmartyKat Skitter critters Catnip Mice. These are tantalizing toys for cats! Your cat will love to carry these, bat them around, hide them and find them again in an ongoing hunt. Skitter Critters are packed with pure and potent catnip which causes a burst of energetic activity in cats, usually followed by a mellow period. SmartyKat catnip is always produced without chemicals and pesticides, and the fluffy fiberfill is spun from 100% recycled plastic. SmartyKat products are principally made from recycled, reclaimed, renewable and certified organic materials. The Skitter Critter Pack includes 3 catnip mice which is perfect for catnip-loving cats and multi-cat households. SmartyKat gives pet parents the best of all worlds: innovative products, stylish designs, environmental responsibility, and exceptional value with a variety of toys to meet a cat’s need for play, scratching, wellness, retreat, rest, and fun! SmartyKat products are designed to meet child safety standards and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is dissatisfied with a SmartyKat product for any reason, we will replace or refund it.
Pack of e adorable mice spiked with pure and potent catnip, perfectly sized to bat and carry Perfect for catnip-loving cats and multi-cat households For most cats catnip causes a burst of energetic activity in cats followed by a mellow period Eco advantage, fiberfill made from 100% recycled plastic All SmartyKat products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will replace of refund it


Best toys for cats or kittens

We rescue and domesticate feral cats and kittens. We currently have 4 adult cats and 5 kittens in our home. Keeping them entertained is critical to preventing furniture damage and cat spats. They absolutely love these little mice and they're affordable enough for us to buy lots of them. One of the cats even plays fetch now with her favorite mouse and one likes to drown them in her water bowl. These little toys hold up through all kinds of rough play. I highly recommend this product.


Coco Kitty Loves Her Toys

The best 2 bucks I ever spent. My kitty loves these little mice filled with catnip, and that pull string...Oh my. Hours of fun... and now she sleeps with them, around them and on top of them. She's sleeping on them now.


Cute and durable

The cat toys are adorable! They are affordable; my cats tend to lose their toys, so I'm glad that I have backups! They are durable as well, my cat who likes to rip apart everything didn't manage to destroy them, but she did rip off one of the tails. So be sure to watch out for that especially around kittens. If you're too worried about that, cut off the tails, and I also cut the tags off before I gave one to my cats.


OMG, Ollie LOVES these little things!!

They have a cute little tail that seems rather sturdy, soft little body and catnip that he cannot seem to get enough of. It's actually true to size in comparison to a real mouse. As for longevity, I have no idea but would guess from them being so small, they may disappear under furniture quite easily ;-) Love them, its so quiet in here, no more loud meowing and stalking the front door! Yay :-)


Kitten enjoying

Kitten is having a blast with these. They are small, but just right for a kitten.