Mainstays Teal Sachet Bamboo Fur Body Pillow Cover

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Mainstays Teal Sachet Bamboo Fur Body Pillow Cover
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This soft, Teal Sachet Bamboo Faux Fur Body Pillow Cover provides excellent comfort, as well as style to any room. Made from 100 percent soft polyester, the body pillow can be used in your bedroom, living room and more.

Mainstays Teal Sachet Bamboo Fur Body Pillow Cover:
  • 100 percent polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Size: 20" x 52"


Shedding ruins the experience

This pillowcase is as soft as a dream and a beautiful color, it is a perfect medium teal, however it sheds WAY too much. You will have teal lint all over your face, hair, pajamas, etc even after you wash the pillowcase. It really is ridiculous. My husband wants me to just get rid of the pillowcase. I got a stray piece of lint in my eye yesterday, it scratched my cornea and My eye is still a little tender. Because of all the shedding my advice is that I would not recommend buying these.



I bought 2 of these cases for my body pillows. I was very excited until I noticed the fur would end up on anything that was around it. My new bedding, clothes, even my hair would be covered by the case's fur. The shedding was EVERYWHERE! I ended up throwing both cases away. Just got a lint roller because I still find little strands of fur every now and then. This case is a curse. DON'T BUY IT! STAY AWAY!


doesn't shed like a dog

The shedding hasn't been as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I got two and they are great but one has a small bald patch but its no big deal. It is a brighter color than the picture , look at the lightest shade shown in the pictures and expect that color.


doesn't shed like a dog

It’s a great color, just as advertised, and it’s the correct length to fit my body pillow (some have been a couple inches too short). I’m not sure why some reviewers say had issues with receiving the wrong color; thankfully that did. It’s happen in my case. It’s very prett, and incredibly soft, but I have to agree about the shedding. It’s bad. I’m not sure how to fix the shedding- how to make it stop completely, or how to significantly decrease it. I’m going to try tumbling it’s out in the dryer as some other reviewers have done. If I can’t solve the problem, unfortunately this just won’t be a case I use frequently. I may have to resort to it being just decorative, which would truly be a disappointment. It doesn’t have a zipper to close, which is a feature I really like. Just very disappointed with the shedding.


Nice color and soft texture

Nice color and soft texture but leaves lots of lints. So, I had to but it into dryer and tumble it until all the lints come out. I'll see in coming weeks how it worked out.