HedBanz Game

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HedBanz Game
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Quick: What am I? In this classic rapid-action, family game, each player receives three chips and a card to stick in a headband. On your turn, flip the timer and ask “Yes” or “No” questions to find out who you are! Guess incorrectly and lose your turn! Guess correctly, hand in a chip and go again! First player to get rid of all their chips wins! This kids’ game is fun for parents and grandparents and perfect for family game night! Kids will be able to develop deductive reasoning and problem solving skills in a thrilling way! Can you handle the excitement of HedBanz? Play this goofy guessing game to find out!
  • HedBanz is the quick-question family game, where players must figure out what’s on the card in their headband! First person to three correct guesses wins!
  • Perfect for kids and adults, this family-friendly game is non-stop fun!
  • Easily transportable, HedBanz can packs up neatly. Take it with you, wherever you go!
  • Made for 2-6 players aged 7+. No batteries required. Play time: 20 minutes.



This game is awesome! My 7 yr old got this for her birthday and the kids just loved it...but that's not all! The adults got into this game more than the kids! What a great way to get the brain thinking!!! I would recommend to anyone!



I bought this for my 5 year old daughter. I am impressed with the quality of the headbands. They are bendable plastic and will adjust to comfortably fit your head. They appear to be well made and seem like they will hold up over time. The cards are oversized and fit little hands well. The images are clear and are easy for small children to recognize. My daughter plays this often. It's a nice game because you can guess one card or 10. It's nice to have a child's game that doesn't go on for hours.



this game is awsome!!!! u can play this game with any age and they will LOVE it!!!you have to go out and buy this GREAT GAME now!


Great for birthdays

Just ordered this for my kids for Christmas. They asked for it ever since we first got it for a birthday present for one of their friends. The mom called me to ask where i got it. They opened it at the party to play it and all the kids loved it! As a mom with three kids in elementry, birthday parties almost every weekend can get expensive but this price is great and its an awesome gift. They just came out with a disney version too!



I have 2 kids 8 yrs and 16 yrs. We have played it as a family or with cousins ages 5 and up. My sisters also got this game and we all agree its FUN FUN FUN. Greay way for the family to laugh together or bring kids of different ages together.