Air Hogs - Hyper Stunt Drone - Unstoppable Micro RC Drone - Red

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Air Hogs - Hyper Stunt Drone - Unstoppable Micro RC Drone - Red
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Bump, crash, stunt and keep on flying with the unstoppable remote control Air Hogs Hyper Stunt Drone! This micro RC drone rolls on floors, up walls and even across ceilings! Its beginner and advanced modes make flight easy for any pilot. Featuring gyro-stabilization for a smooth, stable ride, plus a removable roller shield and durable construction, the Stunt Drone can survive anything you can throw at it. Easily pull off backflips, barrel rolls and more with the stunt button. The Hyper Stunt Drone is unstoppable! Crash, stunt and keep on going with the Hyper Stunt Drone from Air Hogs!
  • Pilot the remote control Hyper Stunt Drone on any surface! Ride on floors, up walls and even across ceilings!
  • Easily pull off high-performance stunts: Front flips, back flips, barrel rolls and more!
  • Beginner and Advanced modes: Experience the easy-to-operate, smooth flight with gyro-stabilization assistance.
  • Hyper Stunt Drone is for ages 8+ and requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).


Very tiny, not built well, very difficult to fly

We received this to review. I wouldn't recommend to purchase. It was very difficult to fly. My boys ( 8 and 12) as well as their 21 year old uncle had difficulty maneuvering it. The propellers broke off very easily on simple things such as grass blades and dried out leaves. The drone was easier to fly without the wheels, however, my boys were very disappointed that they couldn't get it to go up walls as the packaged promised.



First of all, this thing is shockingly TINY. Secondly, with about 15 minutes of play, (total, not at once, and that is probably being generous), three of the propellers broke off!! Total disappointment of a Christmas gift. Completely worthless, do not buy.


Poor quality

Lasted less than 24hrs before all the propellers were broken or lost. This was with adult use only. No way to purchase replacements.


15 minutes of play

This was a birthday present for my 10 year old. He has flown friends' drones and has the basic concepts down. Although this remote has limited function, it is not easy to fly. Because of it's micro-size, it is incredibly difficult to fly. All of the pieces are very small and easy to break. Both the roll cage axle and a couple rotors were broken within 15 minutes of playtime. This was a complete disappointment and waste of money. I wish I had read reviews before buying.


Piece of junk

Do not buy this toy!! It broke within 30 mins of using it. Propellers and frame fell apart and it just stopped flying. My son used his own money and is SO disappointed.