Air Hogs Star Wars, Rogue One X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault RC Drones

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Air Hogs Star Wars, Rogue One X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault RC Drones
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Join the Rebel Alliance and take control of the X-wing Drone as you take on the Empire! The Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault from Air Hogs makes you the pilot of the RC X-wing Drone and as you battle against an auto-hovering Death Star. Hit the Death Star with three infrared bursts to defeat it before it can shoot you down with its own IR weapon system. An integrated heads up display and battle responsive lights and sounds keep track of all the action. The Rebel Assault includes a gyro-stabilized X-wing drone with 200 foot range, plus a Death Star that automatically hovers and shoots. Recreate one of the most epic Star Wars battle scenes at home with the Air Hogs Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault.

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Air Hogs Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault RC Drones:

  • Age Range: 8 years and up
  • Pilot the X-wing drone and shoot down the autonomous Death Star by firing 3 direct hits! Careful not to get hit
  • Enjoy a smooth, high-performance flight with gyro-stabilization, 4-channel control and 2.4GHz communication for up to a 200' range
  • Pair the X-wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault with the Air Hogs Star Wars TIE Fighter Drone (sold separately) for even more epic battles
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes: 1 X-wing Starfighter, 1 Death Star, 1 Controller, 1 USB Cable, 1 instruction guide



Cool concept, but the X-wing will not fly straight and so have not been able to actually play the game. The Death Star spins in a circle and looks really cool, but tends to just get stuck spinning on the ceiling.


Low quality; Broke within 15 minutes of use

It is not unusual to see children's toys that aren't well made and breakdown quickly, but this may have been a new low. Very cheap drone that is very challenging to fly. One of the blades broke on the first landing. Within 15 minutes, the drone would no longer fly. We took it back and got a Star Wars Millennium Falcon which only having used it once for a few minute, already appears to be much sturdier and the drone blades are much better protected.


Cool idea BUT brittle, challenging & broken

We purchased the air hogs x-wing vs Death Star drones set because we are huge Star Wars fans. The Death Star was smaller than we thought and it was advertised to fly on its own, while the x wing flies around it under remote control and they battle. Although the x wing looked real, it was fragile. It was VERY difficult to maneuver and broke in two places within the first 15minutes of use. The battle sequences are nothing more than sounds and very few lights. The Death Star flew on its own, but flew up to our 16 foot ceiling and stayed there. We tried it several times and it kept freaking out. Just like the Death Star in the movie, it was flawed. We returned the set the next day. Not satisfied and disappointed.



During the first flight, we attempted to trim so that it would fly without drifting. After a couple of minutes of trial and error, the thing no longer lifts off the ground. I'm amazed that this company stays in business.


Use the force

Love the Star Wars themed vehicles. The x-wing is very sturdy and can a lot of abuse that most beginners will encounter. My first impression of the Death Star was that there was no way this is going to work, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Death Star is a blast. My first flight did not end well for me I was shot down. After a few flights I got the hang of the controls and was very impressed with the controller. Digital trim settings are a big help and the option to turn the sound off is a nice option. This is the first controller I did not need a mini screwdriver to put batteries in .Directions are detailed and straightforward which helps provide a fun experience. I guarantee you will see many of these Christmas Day ... my son loves it! We have had a lot of fun flying this . The neighborhood kids have all taken there shot at defeating the federation scum but only a few have had the force. Do you have what it takes ? [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]