Made By Me My Very Own Pottery Wheel Kit by Horizon Group USA

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Made By Me My Very Own Pottery Wheel Kit by Horizon Group USA
MSRP : $20

Sale : $19.97
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Introduce pottery to your little ones with the new and improved Made by Me Pottery Wheel! Create the perfect pot with the new bonus tools, or try making your own! Make a tea set for imaginary play or just get your hands dirty for a fun afternoon of sensory play with clay. No matter what, this pottery wheel will surely be a hit!

Made by Me My Very Own Pottery Wheel:

  • Motorized pottery wheel with a foot pedal to make it easier to control the speed and have both hands to mold
  • Adjustable tool arm allows you to control the height of your creations
  • 2 bags of clay to make tons of different creations
  • 3 pottery making tools and 2 clay tools to help sculpt
  • Sponge to keep dampening and smoothing the clay
  • 18" cutting cord to remove your creations from the wheel
  • Decorate with the ceramic paint
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Tool included to make the perfect pot
  • Air dry clay, no baking necessary
  • Requires D batteries (not included)
  • Age Range: 8 years and up


Clay is terrible

Even after presoaking this clay just falls apart when dry. My kids were so exited to make me Mother's Day gifts out of this...only to wake up horribly upset that they were ruined and now had no gift for mommy. Of course, I told them I still love their gifts, but apparently my children worked for hours on these gifts the night before to make them perfect...also, as you can see in the picture, the clay just flakes off when try and gets EVERYWHERE.


So much fun!

My neice LOVES this pottery wheel. The quality is great, she feels like a real artist every time she plays with it! I was pleasantly surprised with how much came in this kit for the price. All of the included tools and 2 bags of clay have led to hours of fun and lots of adorable handmade gifts for family members.


So much fun!

It is messy but it’s a pottery wheel after all. My kids had a lot of fun with it. You could buy more clay to make more since the wheel itself can be used again obviously. Tip for new users: read the instructions and watch the videos. It will help save a lot of time!


Waste of time and money!

My 8 year old daughter received this for Christmas and the quality of this product is awful. The instructions are not very clear, the wheel isn't very powerful. Half of the clay was ruined when we opened the package, and the one package we were able to use, cracked and nearly fell apart once it dried. We weren't even able to paint her sculpture. She was very disappointed. She is a very artistic child and was thrilled to get a pottery wheel. She wanted to try her hand at pottery. I hate that my mother wasted her money on this for my daughter. My mother was as excited as my child and this just falls flat.


No thanks

Loved the idea of this. My daughter has asked me to do it every day since bringing it home. Today was the day! She hurt her finger while using the perfect pottery shaping tool and has a blister now. She was done after that! I thought I would at least give her something to have fun painting so I tried to make a pot. The clay sticks to the guide (even with wetting it as recommended) so by the time to take the guide off its a mess. I reshaped the pot by hand.... no wheel needed. Ours also did not come with the wire cutting piece. Pretty disappointed with this product.